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Students On the Market

Find information about current University of Minnesota sociology PhD candidates now or soon to be on the job market.

Amy August

August CV
Advisor: Doug Hartmann
Research Interests: Education, Families, Sport, Cultural Sociology, Qualitative Research Methods.
Dissertation Title: "Sorting in Sports and Schools: How Early Childhood Teachers and Coaches Categorize Children"

Jacqui Frost

Frost CV | Personal Website
Advisor: Penny Edgell
Research Interests: Cultural sociology, religion and nonreligion, identity and community, civic engagement, gender, mixed methods
Dissertation Title: "Modern but Not Meaningless: Nonreligious Cultures and Communities in the United States"

Erin Hoekstra

Hoekstra CV
Advisors: Lisa Sun-Hee Park and Teresa Gowan
Research Interests: Health/medical Sociology, immigration, critical race, social movements
Dissertation Title: "Bodies of Resistance: The Immigrant Health Justice Movement and the Borderization of Health Care"

Veronica Horowitz

Horowitz CV | Personal Website | UMN profile page
Advisors: Chris Uggen and Michelle Phelps
Research Interests: American criminal punishment, gender and punishment, sentencing and corrections, drugs and society, mixed methodology
Dissertation Title: "Towards a Sociology of Mercy: A Mixed Methods Analysis of Commutation Release in the United States"

Anthony Jimenez

Jimenez CV
Advisors: Lisa Sun-Hee Park and Awa Abdi
Research Interests: Health and medical Sociology, Migration/Immigration, US-Mexico Border, Race and Ethnicity, Gender and Masculinity, Ethnography and Qualitative methods
Dissertation Title: "Imperial Medicine: An Ethnography of Immigrant Experiences after the Affordable Care Act"

Yagmur Karakaya

Karakaya CV
Advisor: Teresa Gowan
Research Interests: Cultural Sociology, Sociology of media and communication, collective memory, nostalgia, political Sociology, popular culture, public history,
Dissertation Title: "Disentangling Contemporary Ottoman Nostalgia in Turkey: Popular and Political Forms of Collective Memory"

Rahsaan Mahadeo

Mahadeo CV
Advisors: David Pellow and Joyce Bell
Research Interests: Critical race theory, Time, Inequality, Urban ethnography, Life course perspective, Migration and Deportation
Dissertation Title: "Transgressive Temporalities: How racialized youth in urbanized space make sense of time"

Alex Manning

Manning CV
Advisor: Doug Hartmann
Research Interests: Race, Families, Youth, Culture, Inequalities, and Sport
Dissertation Title: "Beyond Orange Slices: The Contested Cultural Terrain of Youth Soccer in the United States"

Rebecca Maung (Stepnitz)

Maung CV
Advisors: David Pellow and Doug Hartmann
Research Interests: Capitalism and neoliberalism, cultural sociology, environmental sociology, political sociology and social change, mixed and qualitative methods, historical comparative analysis
Dissertation Title: "Romancing the Market, Rationalizing Nature: Transformations in Environmentalists' Economic Thought, 1960-2014"

Suzy McElrath

McElrath CV
Advisors: Joachim Savelsberg and Chris Uggen
Research Interests: Law, Crime, and Punishment, Human Rights, Global and Transnational Sociology
Dissertation Title: "The Global Criminalization of Genocide, 1948-2017"

Emily Springer

Springer CV
Advisors: Rachel Schurman and Awa Abdi
Research Interests: Sociology of development, sociology of knowledge with an emphasis on evaluation and science studies and gender and organizations
Dissertation Title: "The Production of Knowledge through Quantification: The Case of "Women's Empowerment" Measurement in Transnational Evaluation Systems"

Evan Stewart

Stewart CV | Personal Website | Twitter
Advisor: Penny Edgell
Research Interests: Political and cultural sociology, public opinion, tolerance and prejudice, religion and secularism.
Dissertation Title: "No Church in the Wild: The Politics of American Non-Religion"

Rob Stewart

Stewart CV
Advisor: Chris Uggen
Research Interests: Punishment, law and society, stigma, education, experimental and mixed methods.
Dissertation Title: "Criminal Records and College Admissions"

Aisha Upton

Upton CV
Advisor: Joyce Bell
Research Interests: Race and gender, social movements, organizations, and civil society/civic participation
Dissertation Title: "Roses and Revolution: Black Sororities' Responses to the Black Feminist Movement 1968-1980"