Students On the Market

Find information about current University of Minnesota sociology PhD candidates now or soon to be on the job market.

Matthew Aguilar-Champeau

Aguilar-Champeau CV | Personal page
Advisor: Enid Logan
Areas of interest: Race, Class, Culture, Gaming, Marxist Sociology, Qualitative Methods
Dissertation title: "RUN-STOP-FIERCE: An Ethnographic Examination of Race and Culture in the Fighting Game Community"

Isabel Arriagada

Arriagada CV
Advisor: Josh Page
Research Interests: Latin America, Law and Society, Economic Sociology, Theories of Punishment, Law, Crime, and Deviance
Dissertation Title: "This is Where I Belong:” A Narrative Study of Professional Commitment to a New Criminal Justice Agency"

Anna Bokun

Bokun CV
Advisor: Ann Meier
Research Interests: Labor, Demography, Policy Analysis, Cash Transfers, Methods
Dissertation Title: "Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Essays on Job Displacement, Retraining, and Economic Mobility

Kriti Budhiraja

Budhiraja CV
Advisors: Michael Goldman and Teresa Gowan
Research Interests: Racialized Organizations, Critical Race and Caste Studies, Education, Social Inequalities, Qualitative Research Methodologies, Global and Transnational Sociology, South Asia.
Dissertation Title: Beyond Access: How University Life Shapes Inequality

Caity Curry

Curry CV
Advisors: Michelle Phelps and Chris Uggen
Research Interests: Law & Society, Race, Punishment, Cause Lawyering, and Qualitative Methods
Dissertation Title: "Screaming into the Void: Public Defenders and Resistance Lawyering in Southern Criminal Courts" 

Ethan Johnson

Johnson CV
Advisor: Penny Edgell
Research Interests: Culture, social movements, anti-racism, urban sociology, transportation and urban planning
Dissertation Title: "W​hose Roads are They? Resisting, Organizing, and Existing within Car-Dominated Transportation Infrastructure in the Twin Cities"

Stephen Wulff

Wulff CV
Advisor: Chris Uggen
Research Interests: Policing, Punishment, Criminology, Law & Society, Social Movements, Urban Sociology, Sociological Theory, Qualitative Methods
Dissertation Title: "Police Misconduct, Monetary Sanctions, and Insurance Models in the Modern Police Accountability Era”