UMN Sociology Celebrates our Newest Undergraduate Alumni

Liebler and Kelly
Professor Carolyn Liebler and 2022 UMN Sociology Alumnus Isaac Kelley
Rediate Masresha
2022 UMN Sociology Alumna Rediate Masresha and Proud Dad
•	Sarah Staedy '22, Prof. Teresa Swartz, Mason Ellsworth '22, Cindy Awes '22
2022 UMN Sociology Alumna Sarah Staedy, Director of Undergraduate Studies Professor Teresa Swartz, 2022 UMN Sociology Alumnus Mason Ellsworth, and 2022 UMN Sociology Alumna Cindy Awes
Proud Mom and Amanda Krinke, '22
2022 UMN Sociology Alumna Amanda Krinke and Proud Mom

Knowing the importance of rituals for cementing social bonds and marking life course passages, the UMN Sociology Department celebrated our 2022 Winter graduates -- 96 of them! Graduates, families, and friends crowded into the 11th floor of the Social Sciences Building on December 13, 2022 to enjoy a homemade commencement organized by UMN Sociology Capstone Professor Carolyn Liebler and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Teresa Swartz.

Graduates had their names read ceremonially, received a certificate from the department, took pictures, chatted with friends, and enjoyed snacks. UMN Sociology Professor Claire Kamp Dush and Undergraduate Advisor Bobby Bryant provided much appreciated support. Go Gophers!

Quotes from our graduates about Tuesday's special event:

"Thank you so much for organizing such a fun party and recognizing this milestone! I know a lot of people in our class, including myself, are either graduating a semester late or a semester early, so I really appreciate getting to celebrate graduation when I missed out on everything with my friends last spring. I’m so glad it was such a great turnout!" -- Addie Wall, '22

" father, he's been sick all semester...and showing up on Tuesday made him so happy...he thought you were funny and amazing! I told him all about how I loved you and your capstone class, you have really made my last semester awesome and I'm really thankful." --- Rediate Masresha, '22

"Thank you for the fun party!! It was very special, I appreciate all that you put into it!" -- Cindy Awes, '22

"I know we all appreciate your added effort in the face of Spring Walk getting canceled, and the party that you hosted yesterday was very nice and made me feel like a Gopher." -- Isaac Kelley, '22

"This event was perfect for me and my loved ones. I had more people attend than would’ve been able to otherwise. Everyone who came for me said they preferred this to the traditional graduation experience. I’m very thankful this opportunity existed! I felt respected, appreciated, and supported by my academic community." -- Amanda Krinke, '22 

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