Ilhan Omar first Somali American & Muslim woman elected to Congress

Jeff Baenen/AP

Taking home 78% of the vote in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, Omar has become "the first Somali American, first Muslim refugee and first hijab-wearing Muslim woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives." Sociology Professor Cawo Abdi and other experts were recently interviewed to share their thoughts on Ilhan Omar's historic win. 

Professor Abdi says Omar’s win has the potential to change the way the community is viewed by outsiders. "There has been an extreme level of scrutiny, and the community is really feeling under siege. This type of thing is something really positive.” Abdi also says Omar’s win “reinforces the idea that all is possible in America,” and repudiates Trump’s efforts to use the Somali community “to show the failure of the immigration system."

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