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Recent Dissertations

Learn about previous students' dissertation topics.


Marcelo Fuentes

“An Empire of Two Religions: Muslims as Allies, Enemies, and Subjects in the Literature of the Iberian Christian Kingdoms”

Advisor: Michelle Hamilton

Veronica Menaldi

“Out of Love: Magic and Control of (an)Other in Premodern Iberia”

Advisor: Michelle Hamilton


Ana Cecilia Iraheta

"Interdental /s/ in Salvadoran Spanish: Finding Linguistic Patterns and Social Meaning."

Advisor: Carol Klee

Scott Ehrenburg

"Living and Dying for the Plural Transformations of Queer Ibeerian Cinema"

Advisors: William Viestenz and Ofelia Ferran 

Christina Mirisis 

“L2 Acquisition of Spanish Allophonic and Italian Phonemic Contrasts”

Advisor: Timothy Face

Erma Nezirevic 

“Spain Interrupted: Examining Spanish Representations of Mass Violence in the former Yugoslavia”

Advisors: William Viestenz and Ofelia Ferran

Ana Anderson 

“Receding or Resurgent? On the use of cantase (and cantara) in Galician Spanish”

Advisors: Carol Klee and Francisco Ocampo 


Abby Bajuniemi

“The Longitudinal Development of Oral Linguistic Complexity and Accuracy of Spanish Learner Language in Second-Year University Students”

Advisor: Carol Klee

Daniela Goldfine

“Stories of Memory/Memory in Stories: Remembrance and Identity in Contemporary Jewish Argentine Cultural Production”

Advisors: Ana Forcinito and Amy Kaminsky

Satty Flaherty-Echeverria

"Black Intellectual Thought on the Margins: Race, Citizenship, and Knowledge in Brazil, Cuba and Portugal"

Advisors: Sophia Beal and Jaime Hanneken

Luz Hernandez 

“Después del arresto: Una aproximación interdisciplinaria a la criminalización de las madres inmigrantes”

Advisor: Francisco Ocampo

Carla Manzoni 

“Counter-Narratives in the Void: Memory in los rubios, its aesthetic heritage and its reverberations”

Advisors: Ana Forcinito and Amy Kaminsky

Molly Tun

“El Quipu: Escritura Andina en las Redes informacticas Incaicas y Coloniales”

Advisor: Luis Ramos Garcia

Brandon Rogers

“When Theory & Reality Collide: Exploring Chilean Spanish Intonational Plateaus”

Advisor: Timothy Face


Megan Corbin

“Haunted Objects: Spectral Testimony in the Southern Cone Post-Dictatorship”

Advisor: Ana Forcinito

Meghan Peace

“'That was the goal, for her to understand': Spanish anaphora in L2 speech”

Advisors: Francisco Ocampo and Elaine Tarone

Susana Perez Castillejo

“La entonacion del español de Galicia desde una perspectiva sociofonetica”

Advisor: Timothy Face

Phillip Thornberry

“The L2 Acquisition of Buenos Aires Spanish Intonation During a Study Abroad Semester”

Advisor: Timothy Face


Daniel Arbino

“Orphans of the Other America: Contesting Community in Twentieth- Century Caribbean Literatures”

Advisors: Jaime Hanneken and Joanna O’Connell

Michael Arnold

“Saudade, Duende, and Feedback: The Hybrid Voices of Twenty-First- Century Neoflamenco and Neofado”

Advisors: Ofelia Ferran, Ana Paula Ferreira and Fernando Arenas

Nicholas Parmley

“Imagining the Mediterranean: Disruption and Connectivity in Medieval Iberian Tales of the Sea”

Advisor: Michelle Hamilton

John Timble

“Acquiring Variable L2 Spanish Intonation in a Study Abroad Context”

Advisor: Carol Klee

Megan Strom

“Spanish-language print media in the United States: A critical social semiotic exploration of ideological representations”

Advisor: Carol Klee

Angela George

“The Development of Castilian Dialectal Features During a Semester Abroad in Toledo, Spain”

Advisors: Timothy Face and Carol Klee


Maru Dominguez

“Feedback Cheerleader, Mean-Spirited Feedback Estudio critico discursivo de ideologias sobre el feedback escrito en un departamento universitario de espa?ol en Estados Unidos”

Advisor: Francisco Ocampo

Barbara Pierre-Louis

“Re-configuring Paternal Legacies Through Ritualistic Art: Daughters and Fathers in Contemporary Fiction by Women of African Descent”

Advisor: Fernando Arenas

Eleusio Filipe

“'Where are the Mozambican Musicians?': Music, Marrabenta, and National Identity in Lourenco Marques, Mozambique, 1950s-1975”

Advisors: Fernando Arenas and Heidi Gengenbach