Meet Online with an Advisor

Have a question?
Meet virtually with your CLA advisor.
Not sure who you need to talk to?
Contact Student Services.

Schedule a Virtual Appointment

Make a virtual appointment with your CLA advisor to discuss:

  • Your courses for next semester
  • Changes to your academic plan (for example, adding or dropping a major or minor)
  • Your academic progress, as required for athletes and ROTC
  • Long-term/graduation planning
  • Academic probation or suspension
  • Returning to the U after more than a semester away
  • Forms regarding academic status or any other type of certification, including OPT or CPT

Drop-In Advising

Students who are currently enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts are welcome to utilize our virtual drop-in advising hours. Virtual drop-in advising is limited to a 5 to 10 minute session. Examples of issues for virtual drop-in advising include:

  • Concern about a current class
  • Quick questions about academic requirements
  • Review of class schedule, but not long-term planning
  • APAS questions
  • Campus referrals
  • One-time-only withdrawals
  • College or University academic policies


Questions Not Handled by Advising

  • Financial Aid – Contact One Stop with questions about financial aid or account holds.
  • Departmental (OX or OZ) Holds – OX or OZ holds are placed by your major/minor departments and cannot be removed by your CLA/college advisor.
  • Major Declaration (MDR) Holds – If you have an MDR hold, contact your department to declare. Once we have record of that declaration, the hold will be removed.
  • Housing and Residential Life – For information about living on campus or off campus, call 612-624-2994 or visit the Housing and Residential Life website.
  • CLA Career Services – For career-specific questions, internships, or job-seeking help, please visit their office in 411 Bruininks Hall (formerly STSS) or visit online.