Career Readiness Experiences

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Career Readiness Experiences

By the time you graduate from CLA, you'll be able to connect what you’ve experienced across your liberal arts education and demonstrate its career value to employers.

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What does Career Readiness mean in CLA?

Find out how CLA specializes in making sure every student with a liberal arts major knows exactly why their core competencies and abilities are so attractive to employers.

Gaining Experience That Makes You Career Ready

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You have many ways to take advantage of experiences as a CLA student that prepare you for your future career — far more than you may be aware of!

CLA is committed to supporting these ways of getting you career ready, even offering scholarships to help make it possible for you to do some of them:

Documenting Your Experiences with RATE™

RATE Dashboard

Reflect, Articulate, Translate, Evaluate

RATE is a CLA-invented online tool that helps you track how your experiences in and out of the classroom are contributing to your career readiness.

You can use RATE anytime you engage in experiences — a significant class assignment or activity, a community service project, an internship or volunteer opportunity, a leadership position, a research study — to understand and connect understand all you’re doing and what you’re gaining from it.

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