Considering majoring in art? Transferring from another institution?

Email Patricia Straub

The Department of Art Senior Academic Advisor works with current and prospective art majors and minors and other students enrolled in art courses at the University.  Declared art majors can schedule an appointment by emailing Patricia Straub. Prospective majors should email

The advisor can help you with the following:

  • Declaring your major and/or minor
  • Planning your major course of study
  • Developing an individually designed interdepartmental major (IDIM), Inter-College Program (ICP), or bachelor of individualized studies (BIS) degree
  • Answering questions about transfer credits, internships, the University Honors Program, adult special status, study abroad, and other special learning opportunities as they relate to your major
  • Checking major requirements progress
  • Helping with internship opportunities
  • Providing referrals to appropriate resources
Schedule a meeting with a peer advisor.   


The peer advisor is available to assist you with the following:

  • Minor declaration
  • Planning your major course of study
  • Answering questions about your major
  • Checking major requirements progress
  • Providing referrals to appropriate resources
  • Guiding a tour of Regis Center for Art

College Advising

In addition to meeting with our department’s advisor, you will also need to meet with your college advisor.

These advisors can discuss general CLA policies and procedures including:

  • Which University of Minnesota and College of Liberal Arts degree requirements (including the number of credits and liberal education requirements) you will need to complete in order to graduate
  • Readmission to the College of Liberal Arts following suspension
  • Petition responses
  • Academic difficulty
  • Changes in major/academic goals and information on alternatives
  • Leaves of absence policy and petition