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We offer two undergraduate major options and a minor:

  • The bachelor of arts (BA) is valuable as a base for many kinds of careers or for advanced study
  • The bachelor of fine arts (BFA) is a highly selective program for students who plan to pursue a professional career in art or prepare for specialized graduate study. Students must apply to the BFA program, and this application is only open to already enrolled students who have declared a major (BA) in art
  • The art minor indicates competency in a focused area and complements a major program

BA vs. BFA

The BFA degree requirements create a path for students who are headed to graduate school art programs or a portfolio-based career. The additional studio credits in the BFA help students build a competitive portfolio, and the additional history and theory-based seminars provide a critical context for contemporary art-making.

The BA requires fewer studio and seminar credits but offers students the flexibility to hybridize their education. Some of our most successful BA majors have double majors in related fields such as journalism, art history, or cultural studies.

If you are uncertain about which major is right for you, meet with the art advisor to discuss your options.


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