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Below is a list of undergraduate courses currently offered by the art department. Course descriptions in our ClassInfo database provide more in-depth information about courses, expectations, and workload to give you a realistic understanding about what you will experience in the course.

Spring 2021

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
ARTS 1001Introduction to Contemporary Art and TheorySections [4]
ARTS 1001HHonors Introduction to Contemporary Art and TheorySections [2]
ARTS 1002Art and Life: Thinking About Ethics Through ArtSections [1]
ARTS 1101Introduction to DrawingSections [10]
ARTS 1102Introduction to PaintingSections [3]
ARTS 1103Introduction to Printmaking: Relief, Screen and Digital ProcessesSections [2]
ARTS 1104Introduction to Drawing and PrintmakingSections [1]
ARTS 1107Introduction to Digital DrawingSections [3]
ARTS 1201Art + Change: The Transformational Power of ArtSections [1]
ARTS 1701Introduction to PhotographySections [7]
ARTS 1704Introduction to Moving ImagesSections [4]
ARTS 1801Introduction to Ceramics: Wheel-Throwing and Hand-Building TechniquesSections [5]
ARTS 1802Introduction to Sculpture: Understanding the Fundamentals of the Pract...Sections [4]
ARTS 3110Intermediate DrawingSections [1]
ARTS 3120Intermediate PaintingSections [1]
ARTS 3140Figure DrawingSections [1]
ARTS 3150Dimensional PaintingSections [1]
ARTS 3170Intermediate Digital DrawingSections [1]
ARTS 3180Zines, Comics, and BooksSections [2]
ARTS 3206WArt + EcologySections [1]
ARTS 3230Sound ArtSections [1]
ARTS 3401VHonors: Critical Theories and Their Construction From a Studio Perspec...Sections [1]
ARTS 3401WCritical Theories and Their Construction From a Studio PerspectiveSections [1]
ARTS 3404WProfessional Practices in the ArtsSections [1]
ARTS 3481Curatorial Practice Field ExperienceSections [1]
ARTS 3720The Extended ImageSections [1]
ARTS 3730Intermediate Digital PhotographySections [1]
ARTS 3750Narrative Digital FilmmakingSections [1]
ARTS 3770AnimationSections [2]
ARTS 3780Super 8 and 16 MM FilmmakingSections [1]
ARTS 3820Ceramic: Wheel ThrowingSections [1]
ARTS 3830Ceramic SculptureSections [1]
ARTS 3850Foundry and Metal SculptureSections [1]
ARTS 3860Sculpture and InstallationSections [1]
ARTS 38903D Modeling and Digital FabricationSections [1]
ARTS 3896InternshipSections [1]
ARTS 5110Advanced DrawingSections [1]
ARTS 5120Advanced PaintingSections [1]
ARTS 5140Advanced PrintmakingSections [1]
ARTS 5260Art + Interdisciplinary CollaborationsSections [1]
ARTS 5404BA Capstone and ExhibitionSections [1]
ARTS 5407BFA Capstone 2: Critique and ExhibitionSections [1]
ARTS 5710Advanced Photography and Moving Image ProjectsSections [1]
ARTS 5750Advanced Narrative Digital FilmmakingSections [1]
ARTS 5760Experimental Film and VideoSections [1]
ARTS 5770AnimationSections [2]
ARTS 5780Advanced Super 8 and 16 MM FilmmakingSections [1]
ARTS 5810Advanced CeramicsSections [1]
ARTS 5850Advanced Foundry and Metal SculptureSections [1]
ARTS 5860Advanced SculptureSections [1]
ARTS 58903D Modeling and Digital FabricationSections [1]

Fall 2021

There are no ARTS courses available for Fall 2021.
Please see for more info.