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Study Abroad

“Study abroad helps you experience literature and writing in wholly new and different ways. Exploring books and exploring the world are related processes, and no education is really complete without opportunities to do both.”—Professor Josephine Lee

The Department of English encourages you to study outside the United States. The Learning Abroad Center offers many programs that allow you to earn major credit or satisfy other degree requirements. While many students choose to study in Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand, English majors aren’t limited to English-speaking countries—they go all over the world. 

Student Exchange with the University of East Anglia

To make it possible for as many English majors to Study Abroad as possible, the department sponsors a student exchange program with the University of East Anglia. The program allows you to study in beautiful and historic Norwich, England, while paying UMTC tuition, saving you more than $9,000 compared to traditional study abroad programs. Sophomore, junior, and senior English majors with a GPA of at least 3.0 are eligible to apply.

Student Stories

To get a sense for how travel outside the US can transform you, check out these stories from some of our own English majors who say that studying abroad is one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. You can do it, too!

Hello from England!
I have met some amazing people overseas and have been presented with travel opportunities I only dreamed of. I spent the Christmas season in Scandinavia with a friend I had met in England, allowing me to spend time in Copenhagen and Stockholm. I have also learned to travel alone, having been to Barcelona, Edinburgh, and Glasgow within the past two months. I have scheduled trips to Berlin, Krakow, Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, and Dublin. I still want to visit the Netherlands and Italy if time and money allow. Suffice to say, travel is one of my passions along with writing. Studying abroad is the best thing I ever did for myself. Rachel K.

Hello from South Africa!
Studying in Durban, South Africa, I cherished the many opportunities to challenge myself as a student, a woman, a member of a family, a traveler, a friend, and a world citizen. I was able to really integrate into the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Howard College Campus, and made many friends. During an independent study period, I researched the reading patterns of people in two communities in Durban. I surprised myself with the length and depth of my final project. Learning to research and use unfamiliar resources has been such an asset to my education, and I feel more and more confident in my abilities as a member of the greater academic community. I still struggle to realize that I am back in Minnesota permanently as I feel, strangely, that I am home for a visit and will return to Durban sometime soon. Anna K.

Hello from Ecuador!
I've visited indigenous ruins, climbed the Andes Mountains, bathed in thermal baths from volcanic hot springs, lived on an island in the Pacific Ocean, ziplined through the rainforest canopy, and straddled the equator. But beyond just exploring the country for fun, I've been learning so much about Ecuador's history and culture. Through the university program here in Quito, we've learned about the political, cultural, and economic history of Ecuador as well as its current issues in those areas. We've experienced the culture firsthand through our time living with host families. My Spanish has improved significantly since I've arrived. We were also given the opportunity to separate into tracks of study, and in the track of education I've learned vast amounts about the educational system in Ecuador and how it compares with that of the United States. I will also be leaving the capitol for a five-week long internship in which I will be teaching English at the high school and elementary level. Lindsay H.

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