Contact your fellow English majors in FUSE at fuse@umn.edu

Fellowship of Undergraduate Students in English (FUSE)

The goal of FUSE is to enrich the English community at the University of Minnesota by strengthening relationships among English majors and faculty through great services and events.

Their programs include:

  • Lunch with Professors: the faculty member talks about her/his work and gives advice about various topics such as how to ask for reference letters
  • Themed events: examples include an Edgar Allen Poe Halloween Night and an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party
  • Undergraduate Conference: FUSE assists with planning the conference and helps to coordinate the conference sessions

To get involved, email fuse@umn.edu and watch for announcements in the weekly undergraduate English newsletter!

Other Student Organizations

English majors participate in many other student groups at the University, including Radio K and the Minnesota Daily and Wake newspapers.