Transfer Credits

Before beginning your career as a CLA student, it is important for you to know how your previous coursework may count towards your new degree program. Use the links below to help you find out how your courses will transfer.

Transfer coursework is reviewed by the Office of Admissions to determine:

  • if courses transfers
  • if a course meets any of the U of M, Twin Cities Liberal Education Requirements, and
  • if the course has a direct U of M course equivalent

You can find information about transfer credit review criteria at the Office of Admissions website. The Office of Admissions will decide if your transfer credit will be accepted, but you may need to figure out how those credits will apply to specific degree requirements.

Use the side links to learn how your credit will apply toward liberal education requirements, second language, and major/minors requirements.

Students with a previous degree or have completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) before transferring, have fulfilled the following requirements:

  Diversified Cores Designated Themes Freshman Writing 4 Writing Intensive Courses CLA Second Language Requirement Upper-level Outside Major
A.A. from Minnesota Community College X X X      
Minnesota Transfer Curriculum X X X      
Previous B.A. Degree* X X X X X X
Previous Bachelor Degree other than a B.A.* X X X X   X

* From a regionally accredited U. S. college or university, or an equivalent Bachelor's degree from an international institution.