Liberal Education Credits

To graduate from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, students must fulfill a set of Liberal Education Requirements (i.e., general education). Courses taken at other institutions may be used to fulfill these requirements. The Office of Admissions determines how courses will transfer to meet UMTC Liberal Education Requirements.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum - To simplify the transfer process, the University of Minnesota, Minnesota State universities, and Minnesota community colleges have developed a Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC). If you complete the MnTC (either within or separate from an Associate in Arts [A.A.] degree) at a participating school and then transfer to UMTC, you have completed the core, theme, and first-year writing portion of UMTC’s Liberal Education Requirements. You still need to complete the writing intensive portion of the writing skills requirement. The MnTC must be completed prior to beginning your degree program at UMTC, and it must be noted on the official transcript from your school.

Using Transferology for Liberal Education Requirements

You can explore how courses transfer to UMTC to count towards Liberal Education Requirements by using Transferology. If this is your first time using Transferology you will be asked to create a free account. 

Review this guide to learn how to use Transferology to determine how your completed or in-progress coursework will transfer. When looking at your courses in Transferology, pay attention to the notes and symbols indicating if a course counts towards a UMTC Liberal Education requirement.

Course Evaluation Process for Liberal Education Requirements

It is possible to submit a course for evaluation if you believe it should fulfill a specific Liberal Education requirement but it is not listed that way in Transferology. You can submit a course syllabus for review using the Office of Admissions Course Evaluation process.