Liberal Education Credits

To graduate from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, students must fulfill a set of liberal education requirements (i.e., general education). Courses taken at other institutions may be used to fulfill these requirements. The Office of Admissions determines how courses will transfer to meet UMTC Liberal Education Requirements.

Transfer Equivalency Resources

To find how your courses will transfer, use:

Transferology: This free, web-based system grants you to access accurate, up-to-date information about how your courses will transfer and apply to a degree program at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Petition Process for Liberal Education and Writing Intensive Requirements

If you completed a course that you believe should fulfill a liberal education course and is not listed above, it is possible to petition the Office of Admissions to re-evaluate the course. You can find the Transfer Course Petition Instructions, the Transfer Course Petition form, and more information about the petition process at the Office of Admissions website.