Second Language Credits

The College of Liberal Arts requires all students pursuing a B.A. or B.I.S. to complete the CLA second language requirement. In order to complete the second language requirement with transfer credit, students must have completed a fourth-semester or sixth-quarter language course of at least 4 credits with a C- or higher.

Suggested Strategies for Second Language prior to attending UMTC:

  1. Take a first semester language course in preparation for second semester study at UMTC. The departments of French, German, and Spanish at UMTC offer a second semester course aimed at students who have completed a first semester course at a previous institution. (These courses are Fren1022, Ger1022, and Span1022.) Students are also considered prepared for 1022 if they have completed at least two years of high school language within the last five years.​
  2. Complete the second language requirement by finishing a fourth-semester or sixth- quarter, four credit (minimum) language course with C- or higher. Completion of the fourth semester language course will signify you fulfilled the requirement, not completion of four semesters of language.

Note: If you completed a second or third semester language course at another university, you will need to take a U of M language placement test before you are allowed to take either a third or fourth semester course at the U of M. Previous coursework will not act as placement.