Twin Cities Transfer Students

Applying to CLA

Students enrolled in other University of Minnesota-Twin Cities colleges who wish to transfer to a CLA or add a CLA degree, must fill out the appropriate application form:

The Application for Change of College is appropriate for students who wish to no longer pursue the major/degree in their current college.

The Application for Admission to Second Undergraduate Degree Program is appropriate for students who wish to pursue degrees from different colleges simultaneously.

Note: The College of Liberal Arts degree programs include some requirements that your current college may not. Students who plan to earn a CLA degree in addition to their first degree must meet all CLA degree requirements.

For more information changing colleges, go to One Stop's Changing Major or College site.

Earning a CLA Major/Minor (non-CLA students)

It is possible for students outside of the College of Liberal Arts to earn a CLA major or minor without adding the degree. To add a major or minor in CLA, students must file a major/minor form from CLA Student Services, 16 Johnston Hall, for the major/minor to be posted to the student record.

For more information on declaring a major or minor in CLA, contact the appropriate CLA department.  Some major/minor declaration forms are filed online. The department you are working with will let you know how to declare the major or minor. When you meet with a departmental advisor to declare a CLA major, tell the advisor about your current college/major.

Majors with Additional Admissions Requirements

Some CLA majors/minors require that you complete certain prerequisites before declaring the major or minor. For information on additional requirements needed to declare the major/minor, visit the specific departmental website and the University Catalog.

Programs that require specific GPA minimums and/or an additional application process for entry into the major:

Programs that require an audition or portfolio review for entry into the major:

Steps in the Transfer Process

Here are a few things you need to do to get started as a new student in the College of Liberal Arts:

1. Apply to Change Colleges

2. New Student Checklist

After being admitted into the College of Liberal Arts, you must complete the New Student Checklist, which satisfies your orientation requirement. With the New Student Checklist, you will:

  • Complete your Tell Us About Yourself Survey.
  • Prepare to successfully transition into the College of Liberal Arts.
  • Take placement tests for mathematics, chemistry, and second language (French, German, or Spanish) as needed.

Once you have finished all of the steps of the checklist, you will be ready to register. Registration holds are removed every 24-48 hours as students complete their checklists. If you have trouble accessing your registration, contact CLA Student Services at 612-625-2020 to have your hold removed from your account.

3. CLA Advisor Appointment

After you have started your New Student Checklist, you will receive an email with your assigned advisor and advising office.

  • Contact your CLA advising office and schedule an appointment.  
  • Meet with your advisor and go over your registration to ensure you are making progress towards completing your CLA degree requirements.