Transfer from within the University of Minnesota Twin Cities or Rochester campuses to CLA

Learn how to add a College of Liberal Arts (CLA) major or minor to your current University of Minnesota Twin Cities (UMTC) non-CLA degree program or how to transfer to CLA from another UMTC college or University of Minnesota Rochester.

Earning a CLA Major or Minor as a Non-CLA student

It is possible for degree-seeking students in other UMTC colleges to earn a CLA major or minor without being admitted to a CLA degree program. CLA majors can be added as a second major to your current degree. Some CLA majors and minors require that you complete certain prerequisites before declaring the major or minor. For more information on declaring a major or minor in CLA, contact the appropriate CLA department advisor

Transfer to CLA from another Twin Cities college or University of Minnesota Rochester 

How to Apply to CLA

Students enrolled in other UMTC colleges wanting to transfer to CLA or add a CLA degree as an additional degree must submit the Undergraduate Change of College & Additional Degree Application

If you are applying for an additional degree, keep in mind that CLA degree programs include some requirements that your current college may not. Students who plan to earn a CLA degree in addition to their first degree must meet all CLA degree requirements.         

Admissions Requirements

General Guidelines

The primary criteria that students must meet to be eligible for admission to the College of Liberal Arts are:

  • Be in good academic standing with their current UMN college.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. Priority admission to CLA is given to students who have obtained a 2.5 cumulative GPA or above in UM coursework.

Admission to CLA is also based on an assessment of the applicant's academic record and potential for success in the designated major. Primary review factors include completion of appropriate prerequisite courses and the applicant’s cumulative grade point average. Other factors include the applicant’s progress toward the intended degree, grade point average in major relevant coursework, and grade trends.

Major-Specific College Admission Guidelines

The following majors have specific admission requirements that are considered  in addition to the general CLA guidelines. 

Please note: Students are not admitted directly to the major. CLA students declare or are admitted to the major after they have been admitted to CLA and have completed or met the major declaration requirements set by the department. 

  • Computer Science - Applicants must meet the following criteria:                  
       - Successful completion of Calculus I and at least one computer science course with grades           
         of C- or better.                 
       - A Computer Science technical GPA of 2.9  (for Spring 2024 admission review). The technical        
         grade point average (or technical GPA) is calculated using your University of Minnesota Twin Cities     
         grades in specific courses. The minimum technical GPA may change for Fall 2024 and future semesters. Admission to CLA and admission to the Computer Science BA major are different processes. Admission to CLA does not guarantee admission to the Computer Science BA major.  
  • Biology, Society, and Environment; Human Physiology - Applicants must have completed at least one college CHEM or BIOL course and College Algebra or a higher level of math with grades of C- or better.
  • Chemistry; Earth Sciences; Environmental Geosciences - Applicants must have completed at least one college CHEM and College Algebra or a higher level of math with grades of C- or better.
  • Physics; Astrophysics - Applicants must have completed at least one college PHYS course and College Algebra or a higher level of math with grades of C- or better.
  • Mathematics; Statistical Practices (BA); Statistical Sciences (BS) - Applicants must have completed College Algebra or a higher level of math with a grade of C- or better.
  • Economics BA or BS - Applicants must have completed one ECON course (Principles of Microeconomics or Principles of Macroeconomics or equivalent)  and College Algebra or a higher level of math with grades of C- or better.
  • Journalism or Strategic Communication - It is recommended that applicants have a 2.8-3.0 cumulative GPA or above.

There are some CLA degree programs that require admission to the program prior to admission to the college. These programs have additional program admission requirements:

University of Minnesota Rochester Students 

In addition to the Application for Undergraduate Change of College form, University of Minnesota Rochester students must also submit final high school transcripts and official transcripts for any non-UM college coursework to the Twin Cities Office of Admissions in order to be reviewed for admission to CLA. 

Application Deadlines 

  • Spring semester deadline - Priority - October 1; Final - December 1
  • Fall semester deadlines - Priority - February 1; Final - August 1

Questions?  You can contact CLA Transfer Advising if you have questions about the change of college process -

For more information about the CLA transfer process after admission, visit the CLA Orientation website.