BA in Urban Studies

The BA in Urban Studies is ideal for the student interested in cities and urban issues who also wants to become proficient in a foreign language. This degree can lead to both fulfilling employment right out of college or can provide the foundation for graduate study. Students pursuing the BA are required to take two skills classes as part of their undergraduate program. 

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Social and Cultural Analysis of Urban Life

This sub-plan offers courses that provide an understanding of the diverse social and cultural situations that are found within different types of cities; the relations between different social groups within a city (i.e. social classes, age groups, ethnic and racial groups); and the nature of social policies towards minority and disadvantaged groups.

Urban Political Economy

This sub-plan offers courses that provide an understanding of the basic economic and political/administrative structures of cities and metropolitan areas. Topics include traditional urban concerns such as land use and community power structures and perspectives on issues such as the intentions and impacts of new economic development.

Urban Infrastructure and Environment

This sub-plan offers courses that provide an understanding of environmental and health hazards in urban areas, issues concerning the created environment and urban infrastructure, and legal and public policy frameworks designed to manage the challenges provoked by these issues.

International Urban Issues

This sub-plan offers courses that involve larger-scale issues, economic development and its effects, historical effects of capitalism on development, and more. These courses often involve the politics of tourism, environment, globalization, and society.