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Armed Resistance

Cultural Representations of the Anti-Francoist Guerrilla

Ed. Antonio Gómez López-Quiñones and Carmen Moreno-Nuño

Carmen Moreno-Nuño

  1. Deep Space, Mobilized Time: The Anti-Francoist Guerrilla — Politics and Aesthetics of Armed Resistance (1938–1997)
    Ulrich Winter
  2. The Price of Popular Frontism: Spanish Armed Resistance in the U.S. Visual Media (1936–1964)
    Sebastiaan Faber
  3. Staging the Guerrilla as Past/Present War from the Margins of Exile: Cumbres de Extremadura y La niña guerrillera
    Elena Cueto Asín
  4. Criminalizing Maquis: Configurations of Anti-Francoist Guerrilla Fighters as Bandoleros and Bandits in Cultural Discourse
    Carmen Moreno-Nuño
  5. Inconsolable Memory
    Angel G. Loureiro
  6. Reenactments of Remedios Montero: Oral History of a Spanish Guerrillera in Testimony, Fiction and Film
    Gina Herrmann
  7. Between Nature and History: Landscape as Ethical Engagement in Llamazares' Luna de lobos
    Alberto Medina
  8. The Black Sun of Anarchy: From Historical Memory to Sinister Imagination (A Meditation on the Film El Honor de las Injurias by Carlos García-Alix
    Santiago Morales-Rivera
  9. Staging Armed Resistance: The Maquis in the Theater of Antonio Martínez Ballesteros
    Bernardo Antonio González
  10. Magic Mountains: Narratives of Historical Memory, Folk Litearture, and Communities of Memory in the Popular Imagination of the Maquis
    Germán Labrador Méndez and María Agustina Monasterio Baldor (Translated by Mia Prensky and Lika K. Hirschmann)
  11. Memory and Sustainability: Merging Epistemics in the Maquis Revival
    Pablo Sánchez León and Carlos Agüero Iglesia

Luis Martín-Estudillo and Megan Corbin