Crisis Unleashed: Crime, Turmoil, and Protest in Hispanic Literature and Visual Culture


Ed. Diana Aramburu and Nick Phillips

Rethinking Crime Fiction in Times of Crisis: A Multinational Perspective
Diana Aramburu and Nick Phillips

  1. Swindling in Times of Crisis: Argentine Crime Fictions of the Millennium in Print and on Screen
    Carolina Miranda 
  2. Cinema of Dissensus: Cultural Crisis and the (Re)Emergence of Spanish Neo-Noir
    Scott Boehm
  3. Melodrama and Visual Archives of Madrid in Las chicas del cable
    Susan Divine
  4. Radical Exposures: The Photography of Eviction in Crisis-Era Spain
    Kathy Korcheck
  5. The Fantastic in Susana Martín Gijón’s Detective Novellas
    Michele C. Dávila Gonçalves
  6. Crime, Women, and Fiction: Narrating Urban Puerto Rican Femicide in Ana Lydia Vega’s “Pasión de historia”
    Tania Carrasquillo Hernández
  7. “Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold“: The “mare defensora“ in Teresa Solana’s “Feina feta no fa destorb“ and Empar Fernández’s “El dia que vaig perdre el món de vista”
    Diana Aramburu
  8. The Thrill of the Crime in a Decade of Crisis: Carlos Montero’s El desorden que dejas
    Nick Phillips
  9. Crime and Crisis in Mexico: Yuri Herrera’s La transmigración de los cuerpos
    Michael Mosier
  10. Policial, Anti-Policial, and the (De)legitimation of the State
    Jonathan Dettman

William Viestenz and Collin Diver