Memory and Its Discontents: Spanish Culture in the Early Twenty-First Century

Ed. Luis Martín-Estudillo and Nicholas Spadaccini

Introduction. Memory and Its Discontents: A Central Debate in Contemporary Spanish Culture

Luis Martín-Estudillo and Nicholas Spadaccini

  1. Images of Time: Paradigms of Memory and the Collapse of the Novel in Contemporary History in Spain (2000–2010)

    Ulrich Winter
  2. History Written by the Losers: History, Memory, Myth and Independence in Twenty-First Century Catalonia

    Kathryn Crameri
  3. The Television Mini-Series as Historical Memory: The Case of 23-F, El dia más difícil del Rey (TVE-1, 2009)

    Paul Julian Smith
  4. The Valley, the Monument, and the Tomb: Notes on the Place of Historical Memory

    Patricia Keller
  5. A Secret Agreement: The Historical Memory Debate and the Limits of Recognition

    Antonio Gómez López-Quiñones
  6. Raising the Specter of "Argentinization": The Temptation of Spanish Exceptionalism

    Sebastiaan Faber
  7. Historical Palimpsests: Revisiting the Spanish Civil War Through the Bicentennial of the Peninsular War

    Luis Álvarez-Castro
  8. Voices from Beyond the Grave: Remembering the Civil War in the Work of Max Aub

    Eric Dickey
  9. Historical Memory in Post-Transition Narratives: Between the Canon and the Market

    Francisco Sánchez
  10. Pact of Silence: History, Memory, and the Melancholic Oblivion in Spain (2001–2011)

    Estrella de Diego
  11. The Sequential Art of Memory: The Testimonial Struggle of Comics in Spain

    Ana Merino and Brittany Tullis


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Plate 8 of "They Still Draw Pictures" by Fernando González Esteban