Confined Women: The Walls of Female Space in Early Modern Spain

Ed. Brian M. Phillips and Emily Colbert Cairns

Spaces of Confinement
Brian M. Phillips and Emily Colbert Cairns

  1. The Devotional Space of Performance in Counter-Reformation Spain
    Joan F. Cammarata
  2. The Prayer of the Walled-Up Woman: Devotion and Superstition in Spain (1450–1550)
    Gregroria Cavero Domínguez
  3. Confined Conversion: Critiquing Institutional Care for Women in Seventeenth-Century Madrid
    Margaret E. Boyle
  4. Disciplining Sinful Women: Magdalena de San Jerónimo’s All-Work, No-Play Model of Punishment and Rehabilitation
    Stacey Schlau
  5. Giving Birth to Science: Oliva Sabuco and Her Intrusions into the Male Episteme
    Silvia Arroyo
  6. Upon Being “Badly Married”: The Figure of the malcasada in Cervantes’s Novella El celoso extremeño
    Emily Colbert Cairns
  7. Confining the Pícara: Ethnic Violence and Heterotopic Spaces in La Hija de Celestina
    Electra Gamón Fielding
  8. The Enemy Outside the Gates: Isabel the Catholic Queen and the Extramural mujer varonil in Tirso de Molina’s Antona García
    Christopher C. Oechler
  9. Passing through Walls, Transgressing Social Norms: Superstitions about Ghosts and Women in Calderón de la Barca’s La dama duende
    Fernando Gómez
  10. Early Modern #MeToo: María de Zayas’s Response to Women’s Confined Lives
    Ana M. Rodríguez-Rodríguez
  11. Docile Bodies and the Walls of Female Confinement Past and Present: A Biopolitical Look at Orange is the New Black and Chicaba
    Brian M. Phillips
  12. Northworld: Peregrinajes, Prisons, and the (In)escapable Loops of the Open Road
    Stephen Hessel

Women’s Confinement in Early Modern Spain
Anne J. Cruz


Cover Image
The immured nun by Vinzenz Katzler