Troubled Waters: Rivers in Latin American Imagination

Ed. Elizabeth M. Pettinaroli and Ana María Mutis

Elizabeth M. Pettinaroli and Ana María Mutis


Part 1: Imperial Tropicalities, Colonial Waterways

1. Watershed of Sorrows: The Epic of Impossibility and New Theorizations of Tropicalia in El epítome de las conquistas del Nuevo Reino de Granada
Elizabeth M. Pettinaroli

2. Grandeza Mexicana and the Lakes of Mexico City: Economy and Ontology in Colonial Technological Development
Ivonne del Valle 

3. The Intellectual Conquest of the Orinoco: Filippo Salvatore Gilij's Sagio di storia americana (1780–1784)
Santa Arias

4. Humboldt in the Orinoco and the Environmental Humanities
Jorge Marcone

Part 2: Rivers and the Predicament of Building the Nation

5. Ariana Crosses the Atlantic: An Archaeology of Aryanism in the Nineteenth-Century River Plate
Ruth Hill

6. Treacherous Waters: Shipwrecked Landscapes and the Possibilities for Nationalistic Emplacement in Brazilian Representations of the Amazon
Mark D. Anderson

7. Identity, Engagement, and the Space of the River in Cumandá
Lee Joan Skinner

Part 3: The Fate of Modernity, the Turn of the Postmodern

8. The Death of the River and the River of Death: The Magdalena River in El amor de los tiempos del cólera and La novia oscura
Ana María Mutis (Translated by Pablo J. Davis)

9. Blood in the Water: Salvadoran Rivers of Testimony and Resistance
Adrian Taylor Kane

10. Counter (Current) Discourses: Rivers in William Ospina's Ursúa and El país de la canela
Ilka Kressner

11. Rural and Urban Rivers: Displacements and Replacements in the Modern Latin American Novel
Raymond Leslie Williams


Adriana Gordillo and Nicholas Spadaccini


Cover Image
Iguazu Falls, Argentina by Rod Waddington