Troubled Waters: Rivers in Latin American Imagination

Ed. Elizabeth M. Pettinaroli and Ana María Mutis

Elizabeth M. Pettinaroli and Ana María Mutis

Part I: Imperial Tropicalities, Colonial Waterways

Chapter 1 

Watershed of Sorrows: The Epic of Impossibility and New Theorizations of Tropicalia in El epítome de las conquistas del Nuevo Reino de Granada
Elizabeth M. Pettinaroli

Chapter 2

Grandeza Mexicana and the Lakes of Mexico City: Economy and Ontology in Colonial Technological Development
Ivonne del Valle 

Chapter 3 

The Intellectual Conquest of the Orinoco: Filippo Salvatore Gilij's Sagio di storia americana (1780–1784)
Santa Arias

Chapter 4 

Humboldt in the Orinoco and the Environmental Humanities
Jorge Marcone

Part II: Rivers and the Predicament of Building the Nation

Chapter 5 

Ariana Crosses the Atlantic: An Archaeology of Aryanism in the Nineteenth-Century River Plate
Ruth Hill

Chapter 6 

Treacherous Waters: Shipwrecked Landscapes and the Possibilities for Nationalistic Emplacement in Brazilian Representations of the Amazon
Mark D. Anderson

Chapter 7 

Identity, Engagement, and the Space of the River in Cumandá
Lee Joan Skinner

Part III: The Fate of Modernity, the Turn of the Postmodern

Chapter 8 

The Death of the River and the River of Death: The Magdalena River in El amor de los tiempos del cólera and La novia oscura
Ana María Mutis (Translated by Pablo J. Davis)

Chapter 9 

Blood in the Water: Salvadoran Rivers of Testimony and Resistance
Adrian Taylor Kane

Chapter 10 

Counter (Current) Discourses: Rivers in William Ospina's Ursúa and El país de la canela
Ilka Kressner

Chapter 11 

Rural and Urban Rivers: Displacements and Replacements in the Modern Latin American Novel
Raymond Leslie Williams

Adriana Gordillo and Nicholas Spadaccini