Debating Hispanic Studies: Reflections on Our Disciplines

Ed. Luis Martín-Estudillo, Francisco Ocampo, and Nicholas Spadaccini

Luis Martín-Estudillo and Nicholas Spadaccini

Part I: Literary and Cultural Studies

  1. Who Works Where: The State of Our Disciplines in a Fragmented Global Frame
    Brad Epps
  2. Doing and Undoing Hispanism Today
    Román de la Campa
  3. Latin American Cultural Studies: When, Where, Why?
    Mabel Moraña
  4. Under the Spell of Magic: U.S. Latin Americanism and Its Others
    Emil Volek
  5. Hispanism(s) Briefly: A Reflection on the State of the Discipline
    David Castillo and William Egginton
  6. Back to the Future: A Note on Literature, Ideology, and Knowledge
    Tom Lewis
  7. Relations between Queer Studies and Cultural Studies
    David William Foster
  8. Hispanism and Its Disciplina
    Margaret Greer
  9. Growing Pains: Those of Hispanism and My Own
    Edward H. Friedman
  10. Golden Age Studies in the 21st Century: A View of the Culture Wars
    Anne J. Cruz
  11. Hispanists and University Presses
    Gustavo Pérez Firmat

Part II: Hispanic Linguistics

Introduction: The State of Hispanic Linguistics in the American University
Francisco Ocampo

  1. Hispanic Linguistics in the U.S.A.
    José Ignacio Hualde
  2. Hispanic Linguistics: In a Glass House or a Glass Box?
    John M. Lipski
  3. Thoughts on the Place of Hispanic Linguistics in the American University
    Steven N. Dworkin
  4. Expansion in Hispanic Linguistics Needs More Than Numbers
    Rafael Núñez-Cedeño
  5. Contemporary Spanish Sociolinguistics: Stop the Insanity!
    MaryEllen Garcia
  6. The Revitalization of Hispanic Linguistics
    Almeida Jacqueline Toribio