Huidobro's Futurity: Twenty-First Century Approaches

Ed. Luis Correa-Díaz and Scott Weintraub

Huidobro's Absolute Modernity/Futurity: An Introduction
Scott Weintraub and Luis Correa-Díaz

Part 1. Vicente Huidobro: Cultural Poetics and Politics

1. Huidobro's Transatlantic Politics of Solidarity and the Poetics of the Spanish Civil War
Cecilia Enjuto Rangel

2. Vicente Huidobro's Salle 14: In Pursuit of the Autonomy of the Object
Rosa Sarabia

3. Huidobro's "Aesthetic Individualism"
Greg Dawes

Part 2. Huidobro: (Dis)Embodied, Quantized, Musically Inclined, and au naturel

4. Altazor: A New Arrangement
Bruce Dean Willis

5. Huidobro's Rose: The Environmental Dialectics of Creacionismo
Christopher M. Travis

6. Cosmic Impacts and Quantum Uncertainties: Altazor and the Fall From Reference
Scott Weintraub

Part 3. Huidobro and the Others: Comparative Poetics

7. Huidobro and Parra: World-Class Antipoets
Dave Oliphant

8. Intersecting Reflections: Huidobro through Juan Luis Martínez's La nueva novela
Oscar D. Sarmiento

9. Huidobro/Pound: Translating Modernism
Fernando Pérez-Villalón

10. Poèmes Paris 1925, Vicente Huidobro and Joaquín Torres García: Visual Image and Poetic Writing
Cedomil Goic

11. (Re)Writing Huidobro's Bibliography
Laura D. Shedenhelm

Vicente Huidobro's Futurity is Now ¿Por qué?
Robert Kaufman


Cover Image
Triángulo armónico by Vicente Huidobro