Declaring Your Major

Students wishing to declare a history major should begin the process with a stop at the Undergraduate Studies Office in 1135 Heller Hall for a meeting with the Undergraduate Studies advisor. At this meeting, the advisor evaluates your previous coursework, discusses which courses fit where, reviews the major paper requirements, and figures out how to petition for including non-history department courses into the major (among other things). Once this is done, the advisor helps the student file the necessary paperwork to declare the major.

Information for Double Majors

Many students double major in history. Students pursuing a double major in history and another BA discipline in the College of Liberal Arts complete only one major paper.  If you choose to do your major paper in your other major, the major paper in history is waived and an additional upper division history course is substituted for it (keeping the total number of courses at 11).

Information for Transfer Students

History majors transferring from other schools must complete at least 6 upper division (3xxx level or above) history courses at the University of Minnesota to satisfy the requirements for a history major.

In addition to taking at least six (6) upper division courses at the university, you must also fulfill all the other requirements of the major. If you have any questions about how your transfer work fulfills some of these requirements, speak with the Undergraduate Studies advisor.