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Languages: From Minneapolis to Morris, the Big Ten and Beyond

September 8, 2020

Who's included in today’s University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (TC) language class? Geographically, students could be joining from almost anywhere.

We participate in two sharing programs: CourseShare, which sends and receives less commonly taught language and culture courses (LCTLs) in the Big Ten , and an intra-system exchange with Morris, which began with two LCTLs, but is broadening in focus. In addition, some language programs have welcomed students who join remotely outside of a formal exchange.

Because almost all of TC languages courses courses are entirely online, one class can be shared with students at multiple universities, providing an appropriately geographically diverse student population for our world languages.

Here are the language programs participating in formal exchanges this Fall 2020. This list does not include the many language programs that welcome guest students who register outside of the formal exchange programs.

  • Dakota (Šišóka Dúta): The Dakota program has long been a leader in using technology to expand the potential audience for their language. This semester Šišóka is sharing Beginning Dakota with Morris (13 Morris students registered!), and Intermediate Dakota with both Morris and the University of Iowa.
  • Dutch (Jenneke Oosterhoff): Jenneke shared her language in the Big Ten last year, and this semester she is sharing Beginning Dutch with the University of Iowa and Intermediate Dutch with Penn State University.
  • Finnish (Dan Karvonen): Dan has been sharing his courses long before there was the technology to do this easily. This semester the University of Wisconsin-Madison is receiving his Intermediate course to allow students to continue from their local beginning sequence.
  • German (Beth Kautz): In a new exchange, a section of Intermediate German is being shared with Morris to provide continuation for students from their beginning sequence.
  • Hebrew (Renana Schneller): Last year, Renana piloted an innovative online Beginning Hebrew course. This semester, she is sharing Beginning Hebrew with the University of Iowa.
  • Hmong (Kia Yang): In a new exchange, Kia is sharing one section of Beginning Hmong with the University of Michigan.
  • Norwegian (Kyle Korynta): This is Kyle’s second year teaching in CourseShare, and he is sending his first section of Beginning Norwegian to the University of Iowa, and his second section to Michigan State University and the University of Maryland.
  • Norwegian (Hanna Zmijewska-Emerson): Hanna is sharing her Intermediate Norwegian course with the University of Maryland.
  • Ojibwe (Zoe Brown): Zoe has shared Ojibwe beyond the TC campus in several ways in recent years, and in a new exchange, is sharing Beginning Ojibwe with Northwestern University.
  • Portuguese (Sophia Beal): In a new exchange, Sophia is sharing her Advanced Portuguese course with the University of Michigan.
  • Swedish (Lena Norrman): Lena is sharing her Beginning Swedish class with Michigan State University and the University of Nebraska.
  • Urdu (Meraj Ahmed): Meraj is sharing Urdu for the second year in CourseShare. This year, his Beginning and Intermediate courses are both shared with the University of Maryland, and Ohio State University is also receiving the Beginning course.

In addition to the one-way exchanges listed above, the TC French and Morris Humanities programs have launched an equal partnership: an upper-division course taught in French by Jennifer Row (TC) and Tammy Berberi (Morris) for students at both campuses.