Colorful houses on a hill over water in the daytime in Bergen, Norway

Norway is the best place to live in the world when it comes to life expectancy, education, and income. A vibrant, multicultural society and one of the most democratic countries in the world, Norway is also one of the happiest places. Not only is it safe, but it also has breathtaking nature and year-round outdoor activities (like skiing!). In addition to awarding the Nobel Peace Prize every year, Norway has the role of peacemaker in troubled areas of the world. Norway’s exports of oil and gas have become important elements of its economy. Higher education in Norway is offered by eight universities, nine specialized universities, 24 university colleges, as well as a variety of private institutions!

Learning Norwegian can...

  • Give you a competitive advantage: Learning Norwegian allows you to understand and communicate in Swedish and Danish as well. Significant research fields in Norway include petroleum studies, renewable energy, computing, marine biology and fisheries, shipping, arctic research, peace research, architecture, design, and gender studies.
  • Help you land an excellent job: Norway is seeking educated workers. It has a strong economy, low unemployment, a high standard of living, a comprehensive health care system, and a keen sense of gender equality. Job applicants with a background in Norwegian language and culture have something unique to offer to employers.
  • Open up study-abroad opportunities: Students can study at the University of Oslo or Bergen University. In Norway, you can investigate dramatic social change in Northern Europe and critically analyze the development of the welfare state through the study of a range of topics such as globalization, nation-building and national identity, governance and political party systems, and European integration.

A Few Reasons to Learn Norwegian

Read Jo Nesbø in the original language!

Connect to your heritage.

Create long words without being busted by the grammar police! In Norwegian, you can combine nouns to form longer words like: “Minoritetsladningsbærerdiffusjonskoeffisientmålingsapparaturene,” which means “minority charging carrier diffusion coefficient measurement apparatus.”