Name Contact Specialty
Laurie J Ouellette
Directory of Graduate Studies
Communication Studies and Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature
254 Ford Hall
Critical media studies, cultural studies, feminist criticism, television studies, reality TV, citizenship, governmentality and media
Graeme Stout
Senior Lecturer and Film Studies Coordinator
Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature
213 Nicholson Hall
Film, television, and media studies; political and social theory; visual arts and intellectual history

Moving Image Studies Faculty

Name Contact Specialty
Hakim Abderrezak
Associate Professor
French & Italian Maghrebi & Beur literature, cinema & music; representations of Clandestine migrations in Arabic, French, & Spanish; Francophone studies
Jane Blocker
Art History 20th century theory & criticism, alternative media, performance Art
Cesare Casarino
Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature European cinemas, literary theory, 19th and 20th century comparative literatures
Siobhan Craig
Associate Professor
English Fascist-era cinema in Italy and Germany, new German cinema, the cinematic body
Jigna Desai
Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies Asian American literature and media, feminist theory, postcolonial studies
Lorenzo Fabbri
Assistant Professor
French & Italian Italian cinema, continental philosophy and literary theory, postcolonial studies, visual culture under fascism, biopolitics
Joseph R Farag
Assistant Professor
Asian Languages & Literatures Palestinian literature and film; modern Arabic literature; Arab cultural studies; modern Arab history, politics, and society; Arab-American studies
Ana Forcinito
Associate Professor
Spanish & Portuguese Studies 19th and 20th century Latin American literature, women's writing, Latin American film
Michael Gallope
Assistant Professor
Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature Music and Sound, Continental Philosophy and Critical Theory, Peripheral Modernisms, Black/African Diaspora, Popular Culture
Keya Ganguly
Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature South Asian film and culture, film and visual studies, postcolonial theory and criticism
Sumanth Gopinath
Associate Professor
School of Music Music after WWII, musical hermeneutics, music and globalization
Ron Greene
Communication Studies Film exhibition, educational uses of film or movies, Legal and popular perspectives on free speech, political communication
Maggie Hennefeld
Assistant Professor
Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature Silent cinema, film history and film theory, film and popular culture
Amy Kaminsky
Professor Emeritus
Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies Latin American film, Jewish writing and film in Argentina, feminist literary theory and criticism
Richard Leppert
Regents Professor
Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature Art history, cultural studies, musicology
Alice Lovejoy
Associate Professor
Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature Film history and historiography; nonfiction and experimental film; East Central European film, literature, and cultural history
Lynn Lukkas
Art Video, film, interdisciplinary art
Christine Marran
Asian Languages & Literature Gender and sexuality in print and film culture, Japanese and Asian film, modern Japanese literature
Richard McCormick
German, Scandinavian & Dutch German film History, post-WWII German cinema, Weimar film and culture
Jason McGrath
Film Studies Advisory Committee Chair
Associate Professor
Asian Languages & Literatures Chinese and international cinema, modern and contemporary Chinese literature and culture, issues of convention and intextuality in film theory
Laurie Ouellette
Communication Studies Television studies, documentary and reality television, media citizenship
Sonali Pahwa
Assistant Professor
Theatre Arts & Dance Middle East Studies, performance studies, digital media, gender studies, youth culture, Egypt
Mark Pedelty
Communication Studies Music as environmental communication, ethnographic research in the USA, El Salvador, and Mexico
Baryon Tensor Posadas
Assistant Professor
Asian Languages and Literatures Modern Japanese Literature, Japanese Cinema and Animation, Science Fiction and Empire, Politics of Literary Forms and Genres
Paula Rabinowitz
Professor Emerita
English American women, minority, and working class writers; film, photography, media; visual cultures
Jani Scandura
Associate Professor
English Cultural studies and critical theory; 20th century North American literatures, film, mass culture
Jenny Schmid
Associate Professor
Art Combined print media, digital applications, photolithography, mezzotinting
Suvadip Sinha
Assistant Professor
Asian Languages & Literatures Indian cinema, modern South Asian literature and culture, global modernities, philosophy of the non-human
Catherine R. Squires
Communication Studies Media, race and politics; gender and media studies; public sphere studies; community-engaged research; educational inequality
Charles Sugnet
Associate Professor Emeritus
English Postcolonial literature, fiction and film of the African diaspora, creative nonfiction, the contemporary novel, and multi-cultural instruction in the high schools
Christophe Wall-Romana
Associate Professor
French & Italian French cinema, silent cinema, media history
Margaret Werry
Associate Professor
Theatre Arts & Dance Cultural policy and governmentality—tourism, heritage, film; 19th century Euro-American and British colonial popular theatre and entertainment culture, museum studies
Travis Workman
Associate Professor
Asian Languages & Literatures Korean and Japanese literature, film, and intellectual history; humanism and empire; critical theory; film melodrama; Cold War aesthetics; North Korea