Chamber Ensembles

Chamber ensembles are a core component of our Music degree programs, providing an opportunity for students to study and perform chamber music with a faculty coach. Examples include brass choir, string quartets, woodwind quintets, horn quartets, and piano trios. Each chamber ensemble at the University stages at least one public performance during the semester. 

"The chamber music repertoire is diverse and full of musical masterpieces. It is a unique musical experience which demands a skillset separate from solo or large ensemble playing. Chamber music is about working to express musical ideas in an intimate setting. It is about interpretation and the ability to communicate your ideas both through your instrument and in verbal dialogue with your peers. Here at the School of Music, we will continue to nurture a diverse and robust chamber music program." — Professor Stephanie Arado, Chamber Music Advisor 

To Participate in a Chamber Ensemble:

We welcome all individuals to indicate their interest in the program as well as their preferences for coaches, group members, and repertoire assignments. The earlier you submit the form, the more likely we will be able to accommodate your request. 

  • Please fill out the Chamber Music Ensemble Participation Request Form before the first day of class of the term you intend to participate.
  • You may sign up as an individual or in a pre-formed group. 
  • All requests regarding personnel and repertoire will be considered but not guaranteed based on the availability of students and coaches. We will do our best to facilitate the inclusion of all interested students.