Undergraduate Minor in Music

Students pursuing a major outside of music are invited to add a music minor to their studies. The School of Music offers three minors: an applied music minor that requires an entrance audition and includes one-on-one lessons on a primary instrument, an ensemble-based music minor that requires no audition (select ensembles require auditions for participation), and a world music minor that requires no audition and focuses on ensembles and music from all cultures. View degree requirements for music minor (ensemble music).

Music Minor (ensemble music)

The ensemble-based minor in music is organized around hands-on experience with music making in the university musical ensembles. This minor is designed to meet the needs of University of Minnesota students who love participating in music and wish to deepen their understanding through additional scholarly study. The minor allows students to explore the diversity of the world’s musics—including popular, classical, and folk musics from Minnesota and around the world. Undergraduate students from any college or department at the University of Minnesota may deepen their knowledge of music through this minor, creating a vibrant and diverse cohort of students learning, studying, and playing music together.