Music Therapy Equivalency Non Masters Track

The School of Music offers a Music Therapy Equivalency Non-Masters Track program for those students who completed a bachelor's degree with another emphasis, but are now interested in entering this field of study. Applicants must have a completed a bachelor's degree from an accredited college/university with an overall degree GPA of at least 3.0.

Apply to the Music Therapy Equivalency Program.

This non-degree program is comprised of the professional music therapy coursework required by the Certification Board for Music Therapy. Upon completion of the courses and internship in the Equivalency Non-Masters Track and receipt of Letter of Equivalency from the Director of Music Therapy, the student is eligible to sit for the Board Certification exam given by the Certification Board for Music Therapy to earn the MT-BC (Music Therapist - Board Certified) credential. As a non-degree program, applicants are ineligible for financial aid and student visa sponsorship. Tuition costs for this program are calculated at the undergraduate, per credit rate posted on OneStop. Learn more about the music therapy program at the University of Minnesota.

What if I have a bachelor's degree that is not in music?

Prospective students with bachelor's degrees that are not in music are eligible to apply for the Equivalency and Master’s Equivalency programs. These prospective students should highlight their previous music experiences in their written application materials when applying to the music therapy program. Previous music experiences may include lessons, ensembles, number of instruments played, music coursework at the college/university level, among others. Students with bachelor's degrees that are not in music who are admitted to the program will have their music skills and knowledge individually assessed before initiating their coursework. As such, remedial coursework in voice, piano, guitar, percussion, theory, and history may be necessary for students entering the Equivalency and Master’s Equivalency programs.

Program Requirements

The Non-Master’s Equivalency Track in Music Therapy is a one-year academic program. 

A minimum of 30 Credits.

  • BIOL 1015, PSTL 1135, NSCI 2100, or KIN 3027 Anatomy: 3 Credits* 
  • Psy 1001 General Psychology: 3 Credits* 
  • Psy 3604 Abnormal Psychology: 3 Credits* 
  • MuEd 5669 Psychology of Music: 3 Credits*

    *  Students may be exempt from the above classes if taken during their undergraduate curriculum.

  • MuEd 3802 Guitar I: 2 Credits
  • MuEd 3803 Guitar II: 2 Credits
  • MuEd 5803 Therapeutic Management: 4 Credits
  • MuEd 5804 Music Therapy Methods and Procedures I: 4 Credits
  • MuEd 5805 Music Therapy Methods and Procedures II: 4 Credits
  • MuEd 5806 Career Preparation: 4 Credits
  • MuEd 5855 Internship: 1-13 Credits

After successful completion of MuEd 5855, students will be eligible to sit for the Board-Certification Exam.