Philosophy Club

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UMN Philosophy Club strives to create an environment where students can gather together to discuss life's big questions. In their meetings, club members strive to create a place of open discussion. Members of the club work to engage one another and learn a little bit more about the current topic. Each month's meetings center on a single area of discussion. Members select discussion subtopics for each meeting. Any opinion, as long as one is willing to defend it, is welcome.

Whatever your background (or lack thereof) is, you're wholeheartedly welcome—simply attend one of our meetings. The club always appreciates and encourages new input; each person brings an entirely different set of perspectives. Meetings begin with announcements, mainly dealing with topics for future meetings, or any special event the club hopes to plan, such as the summer Philosophy Club camping trip. Whomever has chosen to lead the meeting will provide some background information on the month's discussion topic and bring discussion questions for the group. Bi-weekly meetings take place on Wednesday nights from 6:30–8:00 p.m. in 124 Amundson Hall.

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