Philosophy Undergraduate Journal

We are a student-run philosophy journal at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Spring of 2022 we published our fifth edition of Epistemai, an Undergraduate Philosophy Journal with a focus on short, original, philosophical work done by undergraduates from universities across the country, and internationally.

If you are interested in learning more about our journal, what we do, and how to join our staff, fill out this form and one of our staffers will reach out to you! We look forward to hearing from you!

Check out the sixth issue of Epistemai, Vol VI.

Our vision for Epistemai is to provide opportunities for undergraduate students to gain deep experience with academic and public philosophy through practice.

One goal of Epistemai is to provide a forum for undergraduate philosophy students to have their papers critically reviewed, edited, and published, and to publish quality works of philosophy that can be read and considered by our peers.

Additionally, it is our goal to offer undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota the opportunity to gain experience in the academic peer review process and develop skills in editing, critical analysis, organization, and writing. We endeavor to create an inclusive and welcoming space that fosters intellectual and philosophical diversity and allows undergraduate philosophy students to lead, connect, and collaborate with peers on philosophical projects.

This year, we will be implementing a rolling-acceptance based model for submissions. This means that earlier submissions will receive priority in consideration, with the first formal deadline on January 1st, 2024, and a second and final deadline on February 15th, 2024. Submissions received prior to the first deadline will also be considered for our 2024 undergraduate conference, which will be held in mid-to-late spring. We currently plan to accept five papers for the conference and eight for publication in total.

Criteria for Papers:

Must be written by an undergraduate.

Original and concise philosophical work with a length between 3000 and 6000 words (12 to 24 pages).

Include a 100–200 word abstract summarizing your paper and page numbers.

Chicago style citations are preferred for submissions, and will be required for publishing.

Cannot be published elsewhere.

Submission Process:

Submit your paper electronically by February 15th, 2024 by uploading a .docx or .docs file (must be editable) to this form, or by email to Submissions from those who would like to participate in the conference or are seeking priority consideration are due on January 1st, 2024.

Include a cover page with the following personal information (do not include a name or any personal information elsewhere in the paper): your name, your email, and your undergraduate institution name. 

All papers will undergo a blind peer review.

Papers will be selected by early spring. You will be notified as to our decision at that time.

Questions? Contact us!

Current Epistemai staff

Lauren Toensing


Hello!  My name is Lauren, and I am a senior in philosophy and art history at the University of Minnesota.  I am from Richfield, MN, one of Minneapolis’ suburbs to the south.  I am primarily interested in the history of philosophy, with a focus on Kant and the neo-Kantian philosopher Ernst Cassirer.  I am also interested in epistemology, aesthetics, theology, and semiotics.  Outside of philosophy, I like to drink a lot of espresso, walk by the river, and look at paintings at MIA. I am the current president of Epistemai.

Blake Briol


Hello everyone, my name is Blake Briol and I am from Chanhassen, Minnesota. Currently, I am a junior studying philosophy, german, and mathematics. Regarding my philosophical interests, I most often enjoy reading about logic and the philosophy of mathematics. However, I am always curious to hear what others have to say about all branches of study, so should you learn something interesting, don’t hesitate to share! Outside of philosophy, I enjoy weight-lifting, downhill longboarding, cooking, practicing music, and more!

Tripp Dow

Peer Reviewer, Editor, Head Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Tripp, and I am a junior, originally from Rochester. I study computer science, philosophy, and mathematics. I am interested in philosophy of mind, religion, and science, with specific interests in neurophilosophy, later Wittgenstein, and human connection. Besides philosophy, I love computer programming, harsh noise wall, and collecting clown-themed antiques.

Isabella Grandbois

Peer Reviewer, Social Media Manager

Hi all! My name is Bella and I am from New Hope, MN. I study Economics and Political Science with a minor in Philosophy, on a pre-law track. My central areas of interest are the philosophy of morality and ethics, as well as logic. Specifically, examining Kant’s works within morality as well as Clarke’s writings on religion. For fun, I enjoy music, soccer, reading, and traveling!

Thomas J Knutson

Peer Reviewer

Hello, I’m Thomas and I am from Evansville, Wisconsin. This is my second year at the U and I study philosophy and political science. I am interested in a wide variety of philosophical subjects, especially ethics and philosophy of law. One of the things I enjoy most in life is a good story. Whether it is books, movies, plays, or any other form I will always seek anything that tells a good story.

Joel Miles

Peer Reviewer, Communications Manager

Hello! My name is Joel, and I am a junior studying philosophy and linguistics. Originally, I’m from the southern suburbs of Kansas City. I’m primarily interested in contemporary analytic metaphysics, but have secondary interests in ethics, as well as the role of self-reference and emotions in thought. Outside of philosophy, I enjoy trivia, reading books, going to concerts, and sleeping.

Samuel King

Peer Reviewer, Editor, Head Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Samuel and I am from St. Paul, MN. I study philosophy and anthropology at UMN and my central areas of interest are metaphysics, philosophy of science, and metaphilosophy, specifically philosophy of biology, philosophy of technology, and cybernetics. My main influences are 20th century French philosophers, especially Canguilhem, Simondon, and Deleuze, as well as analytic philosophers of science like Feyerabend and Hacking.

Cameron Christopherson

Peer Reviewer, Editor

Hello! My name is Cameron and I am a transfer student originally from Saint Paul, Minnesota. I am primarily interested in literary criticism, philosophy of mind, aesthetics, and phenomenology. I am also interested in Marxism and New Historicism. Outside of philosophy, I love to cook, make music with my friends, bike around the twin cities, and watch basketball. 

Mike Sprung

Peer Reviewer

Hello! My name is Mike and I am a junior studying philosophy at the University of Minnesota. I am from Shoreview, which is just north of St. Paul. I am primarily interested in theistic philosophy and theology. My main inspirations are Saint Augustine, Saint Therisa of Avila, and Saint Thomas Aquinas. I am also interested in existentialism, especially Camus and Kierkegaard. Outside of philosophy I am a member of quiz bowl and gopher Catholic. I also enjoy the four Cs. Church, chess, coding, and charcoal grilling.

Gus Humphrey
Peer Reviewer
Hi, I’m Gus and I am from Fridley, Minnesota. I am currently a junior studying philosophy at UMN. I also have an associates in Film. I have the most experience with aesthetics and the expression of philosophy through art. I am also curious about pretty much all areas of philosophy, but at the moment I am particularly interested in philosophy of mind, language, semiotics, and ethics. In my free time I like watching weird movies, getting into unnecessary arguments with my friends, and taking long walks on the beach.
Grace Roeder
Peer Reviewer, Editor
Hello, my name Is Grae Roeder and I am a junior majoring in Philosophy, Global Studies, and Political Science. I am passionate about a wide variety of philosophical topics, but I am most oriented towards social and political philosophy of the 19th and 20th centuries, of course drawing from earlier periods and traditions. My wide variety of other interests include hanging out with my wonderful cat, music, concerts, cooking, gardening, caring for houseplants, yoga, and taking walks or hikes. 
Mildred Agyapong
Peer Reviewer, Editor
Hi there! I'm Mildred Agyapong, a senior studying philosophy at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. I am from Shakopee, Minnesota. My current focus is on exploring Black intellectual scholarship in philosophy and Black cultural production. Outside of school, I like going to museums, journaling, and hanging out with my cat. 
Jordan French
Peer Reviewer
Hello, my name is Jordan French and I hail from New Hope, Minnesota. I’m a senior studying History and Philosophy. My philosophical interests lie prominently in ethics, philosophy of sexuality, science and history, as well as history of philosophy. I’m enamored with the classics and I’m currently writing my thesis on sexuality in Ancient Greece. External to the academic world, I enjoy watching/playing soccer, consuming vast amounts of YouTube video essays, and spending time with the people I care about.
Lucas McGee
Peer Reviewer

Hi, my name is Lucas McGee and I am a Philosophy and Cultural Studies/Comparative Literature double major. I am mostly interested in critical theory, political philosophy (specifically theories of anarchism, marxism, and justice), philosophy of language, and existentialism, but enjoy reading from any specialization. Outside of philosophy I enjoy reading fiction, hanging out with my cat, and going to rock shows.