Undergraduate Minor in Political Science

The political science minor is a valuable addition to any major. The minor is flexible; you can choose the courses of interest to you from at least two of the four upper-division subfields. Through the minor, you gain a better understanding of politics, freedom, power, and more. The academic advisors are happy to discuss which courses will compliment your interests, as well as career and personal goals.

Students may declare a minor in political science by submitting the online Minor Declaration Request Form. Prior to declaring a minor in political science, students should have completed at least one political science course.


  • A total of 15¬†political science semester credits is required to complete the minor.
    • A maximum of 6 POL 1xxx-level courses can count toward the minor.
    • Must complete a minimum of 6 upper-division credits for this minor through the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. This includes those taught on campus, online, and approved learning abroad courses.
  • A maximum of 3 internship credits (POL 3080) may apply to the minor.¬†
    • Directed study credits (POL 4994) cannot apply to the minor.
  • Global Studies majors must take at least 2 of their upper-division courses from the Political Theory or American Government subfields.