Application Checklist

The deadline to submit all application materials is 11:59 pm EST on December 1st. Late applications or materials (with the exception of official test score results) will not be accepted. 

Please note we only admit for the fall semester.

Learn more about our program and how to apply by attending a Virtual Admissions Information Session! 

Questions about the online application should be directed to the University of Minnesota Graduate School:

Contact the Department of Psychology with any other questions:

To apply to the Psychology PhD program, you will create an application, upload all required materials, and pay the application fee in the Graduate School’s online application portal:

  • Select “University of Minnesota – Twin Cities” as the University of Minnesota campus you plan to attend.
  • Select "Psychology - your intended area of specialization - PhD” from the program list. (If you wish to apply to more than one area, you must submit a separate application, and pay the fee, for each.) 
  • Use the online application to upload all required materials for your Graduate School application. We do not accept mailed copies of any admissions materials, including official test scores or transcripts.

After you submit your application and pay the application fee, continue to check the status of your application to ensure all letters of recommendation and other materials have been submitted by the December 1 deadline. See the Application Fee section, below, for information on application fees and fee waiver programs. 

Unofficial transcripts or academic records are required for all post-secondary institutions you attended, even if you did not receive a degree. These must be uploaded directly to the online application. The University only requires official transcripts from admitted applicants. View more information about transcripts and credentials.

Each area of specialization sets its own requirements for the GRE General Test and GRE Psychology Subject Test. Review the GRE Requirements by Area of Specialization table carefully to make sure you understand the submission requirements for the area you are applying to. 

If the area you are applying to requires scores, or if you want to submit scores for an area that considers GRE scores if submitted, you must test before the application deadline and include the self-reported scores in your application.  

Use institution code 6874 to submit official electronic GRE scores to the University. 

As long as self-reported scores are included in your application, official scores can arrive after the December 1st deadline.

International applicants must meet University requirements for English Language Proficiency (ELP), typically by taking the TOEFL iBT or the IELTS exam. Review the International Applicants page carefully to understand our proficiency requirements and how to meet them. Please note that the Department of Psychology sets higher minimum requirements than the Graduate School. The Department’s requirements must be met to be considered for admission. 

Send official TOEFL scores electronically to the University with institution code 6874.

Send official IELTS scores electronically to the Graduate Admissions Office. When prompted, select University of Minnesota Graduate Admissions for the Institution/Organization and All Campuses for Department/Person. 

More information on submitting official TOEFL and IELTS scores is available from the Graduate School.

Self-reported scores should be entered in the Test Information-Self-Reported field in the online application. As long as self-reported scores are included in your application, official scores can arrive after the December 1st deadline. 

The online application contains a Psychology section where you will:

  • Required: Identify one or two faculty members in your intended area of specialization that you are most interested in working with in an advising/mentoring capacity, and who are considering accepting new advisees. You are welcome to reach out to faculty by email before you apply. However, you should first confirm they are considering advisees and learn about their research and labs to determine if there is a strong alignment with your training goals. 
  • Optional: Identify one or two additional faculty with whom you would also potentially like to work. These faculty may be in other areas of specialization if your research interests encompass more than one.
  • Required: Answer three brief questions about your months of research experience and any publications you may have authored. Publications are not required to be considered for admission. These questions are asked to support grant reporting requirements.
  • Required: Enter all psychology courses you have taken and any courses outside psychology that would complement your chosen area of specialization (see the Coursework List section below for details).

CSPR has one additional required component for the Psychology section of the application:

  • CSPR is currently accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) and by the Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System (PCSAS). Our approaches to clinical-science based research and training are described on CSPR's area page on the Department of Psychology website. Briefly describe your research interests within CSPR in the text box provided (100-150 characters).

The Psychology section of the online application will be prompt you to enter relevant coursework. List all psychology courses you have taken and any courses outside psychology that would complement your chosen area of specialization. 

For each entry, use the subject dropdown menu to identify whether you are adding a psychology course or a complementary/related course, then fill in the following information: 

  • Course name and number (list in the format PSY 1001: Introduction to Psychology)
  • Institution name
  • Term and year (e.g., Fall 2023)
  • Number of credits
  • Grade in original grading system

This information should match what appears on the unofficial transcripts you submit with your application. Complementary/related courses may be from any field, provided they have relevance to the specialization you are applying to and/or demonstrate relevant training (e.g., statistics, quantitative analysis, measurement, research methods).

Statements are weighted heavily in faculty review. We encourage applicants to invest time in developing tailored statements that respond to the Department of Psychology’s prompts. All statements are uploaded to the materials section of the online application.

Personal Statement (Required): Make sure your statement directly addresses the information requested in the personal statement prompt

Diversity Statement (Required): Make sure your statement directly addresses the information requested in the diversity statement prompt.

Extenuating Circumstances Statement (Optional): An extenuating circumstances statement (250 words maximum) will be taken into consideration if submitted. A statement is most appropriate if you have experienced any serious medical, personal, or scholarly difficulties that have significantly impacted your academic performance. Details about personal situations, such as an illness, do not need to be disclosed for the impact of the circumstances to be taken into consideration. 

Upload your resume or CV in the materials section of the application. Review detailed instructions on what we want to see in your resume or CV.

Three letters of recommendation are required and must be submitted by the December 1 deadline. Additional letters will not be accepted. 

Letters from faculty are recommended, but not required. Use your best judgment to select recommenders who can speak to your background and preparation for PhD-level studies.

Recommendation letters can be submitted both while your application is still in progress and after you have submitted it. When you enter a recommender’s information and click the “Submit to Recommender” button in the online application portal, the recommender immediately receives an email notification containing instructions and a link to upload their letter. During the upload process, each of your three recommenders will also fill out a rating form.

To ensure that your application is complete by the December 1 deadline, we recommend submitting requests early in your application process and communicating the submission deadline directly to your recommenders.

You cannot have more than three recommender requests active in the system. If you need to change a recommender, log into your application and navigate to the Recommendations tab. Click on the recommender’s name, then click exclude.

Important: The system-generated notification sent to recommenders does not include application deadline information.

View more information about recommendations.

Application fees differ for domestic and international applicants. Review the Graduate School’s Application fee page for more information.

The Department of Psychology has modest funds to cover the application fees of a limited number of competitive applicants each year to support:

  • McNair Scholars, Diversity in Psychology Program (DPP) participants, and Nex-Gen Psych Scholars Program (NPSP) participants
  • Need-based domestic and international applicants

Our request form is live September 5 through November 27, 2024. Requests are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis for eligible applicants until funds are exhausted. Self-reported GRE and English language test scores must be included in the request if they are required for your application. Please plan accordingly when scheduling testing. 

Requests must be made and approved prior to submission of an application to our PhD program. The Department must pay the fee directly and is not able to refund applicants for paid fees.