Bilingual & Multicultural Emphasis Program

The goal of the MA and AuD Bilingual and Multicultural Emphasis Program (BiMEP) is to provide students with multiple opportunities to develop a deep understanding of variation in speech, language, and hearing across ages and abilities within the context of cultural, linguistic, and economic diversity. Students accepted into the MA and AuD programs in SLHS and into this specialty area will complete a series of learning activities designed to develop first-hand understanding of communication differences and disorders for professional purposes.

Participation in the BiMEP program is above and beyond the required coursework for the MA or AuD and is completely voluntary. Students participating in BiMEP receive additional mentorship, with the expectation that they will integrate coursework and clinical practicum experiences throughout their program with an expanded sense of personal and professional knowledge related to bilingualism and cultural variation. Participation in the BiMEP program does not add any additional cost or length to the student's graduate training program.