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Bilingual & Multicultural Emphasis Program

The goal of the Bilingual & Multicultural Emphasis Program (BI-MEP) is to develop, document, and disseminate information that promotes an understanding of cultural and linguistic variation in children and adults with or without communication disorders. We advance understanding of communication differences and disorders through education, research, professional training, and interactions in academic and community settings.

Students accepted into the MA/AuD program in SLHS and into this program will complete a series of learning activities designed to develop first-hand understanding of communication differences and disorders for professional purposes.

Participation in BI-MEP is voluntary. Students receive additional mentorship with the expectation that they will integrate coursework and clinical practicum experiences throughout their program with an expanded sense of personal and professional knowledge related to bilingualism and cultural variation. There is no additional cost or added length to the students graduate training program.

To apply to BI-MEP, follow standard application procedures for pursuing an MA/AuD degree. Clearly specify an interest in this area on your personal statement (statement #1). Please note that an interest in the BI-MEP does NOT preclude an interest in particular disorder areas, such as acquired brain injury, child speech or language disorders, voice disorders, and stuttering.

For specific questions related to BI-MEP, please contact