AuD in Audiology

The University of Minnesota's Graduate School offers a Doctor of Audiology (AuD) degree from the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences. Program requirements for degrees are specified both by the Graduate School and the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences. 

Mission of the AuD Program

The purpose of the AuD program is to prepare clinical practitioners in the field of audiology with an interest in hearing and balance disorders. Audiology students will be taught to implement evidence-based practice with their clients/patients. Students must demonstrate the ability to interpret and apply current and future findings in the field and must have excellent analytic and communication skills. AuD program students will receive a combination of intensive academic and clinical education from coursework, laboratory experiences, and patient/client contact. The AuD program also ensures that graduates are eligible for state and national credentials in audiology.

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The learning outcomes of our program's coursework and clinical practice are:

  • Students will apply principles of evidence-based practice to their clinical service delivery.
  • Students will apply principles of the ASHA code of ethics to entry-level practice.
  • Students will have the oral and written language skills necessary to engage in entry-level clinical practice.

These outcomes are directly related to our objective of educating students for entry-level clinical excellence, as well as for our emphasis on research.

Degree Progress

Students enrolled in our AuD program are expected to participate full-time. Students who enter the program having completed most or all of the required prerequisite coursework are expected to enroll for 8 semesters (fall/spring across 4 years) and students who enter the program who need to initially complete prerequisite coursework will enroll for 10 semesters (fall/spring across 5 years). Students are expected to engage in clinical practica during the summers in between the first three academic years. AuD students are expected to be present in person during the initial three years of the program, but they engage remotely during their fourth-year externship.

Audiology graduate students complete academic coursework and clinical practicum concurrently. Practicum placements vary on a semester basis. Students start practicum with clinicians in our internal Julia M. Davis Speech-Language-Hearing Science Center. For external practicum, we work with a range of sites: schools, private practice, hospitals, rehab centers, skilled nursing facilities, etc. For more information about practicum sites, download our list of recent practicum sites.

Outline for AuD Degree Progress    

Semester Year One Year Two Year Three Year Four
Fall Academic coursework; lab Academic coursework; internal practicum at Davis Center Academic coursework; external practicum Externship
Spring Academic coursework; lab Academic coursework; split practicum: internal at Davis Center and mini-placement at an external site Third-year comprehensive exams; Capstone due; academic coursework; external practicum Externship
Summer First-year comprehensive exams; internal practicum at Davis Center External practicum Externship N/A

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