BA in Statistical Practice

To declare a statistics major, please email the School of Statistics academic advisor at
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Statistics provides navigation essential for controlling the course of scientific and societal advances. It is the science of learning from data, measuring, controlling, and communicating uncertainty.

Compared to the BS degree, the BA program has fewer required mathematics courses and more applied statistics courses, or courses in a supporting quantitative area. The BA in statistical practice is an excellent choice for those students who are most interested in joining the workforce after completing their degree, or for those who would like to learn about statistics, but don’t enjoy the higher level math required in the BS degree. The BA is comprised of a series of required STAT courses, Calculus I and II, an intro CSCI course, and electives.

The BA in statistical practice is intended for students who want to use their education as certification for work requiring statistical skills or as a basis for further education in another area like medicine, psychology, law, or others. Students who complete this program using statistics electives will have applied statistics training equivalent to most master's programs in statistics.