Brotherhood (2021), Photo by Randy Karels
Brotherhood (2021), Photo by Randy Karels
To schedule an appointment, contact:

Nora Jenneman
204 Barker Center for Dance

The Dance Program Coordinator works with prospective students and newly accepted first year and transfer dancers to create a dance course plan and declare a BFA, BA, or minor in dance.  She is available for questions related to the audition process and class leveling, degree fit, transfer coursework in dance, individualized degrees that include dance, as well as dance program opportunities and policies, and campus resources.

Prospective dance majors are strongly encouraged to audition during the admissions process or as soon as possible on campus to facilitate timely graduation with sequential dance requirements and performance opportunities by casting auditions.

Dance majors are also advised and mentored by a community of dance faculty and full-time instructional staff regarding ongoing dance coursework and progress, technical growth, creative projects, performance and opportunities in the field including career direction, graduate school internships/apprenticeships and summer study.

Students who wish to pursue a double major or dual degree with dance are encouraged to consider the BA degree. Due to credit requirements and course sequencing, students who wish to pursue a double major with a BFA should plan on more than four years of undergraduate study. Dance major students pursuing a double major or dual degree are strongly encouraged to work closely with all of their relevant advisors in considering their four-year planning and any potential conflicts of required coursework in each area of study.

Students proposing a dance concentration with an individualized degree must meet the following criteria before submitting a BIS or IDIM (or other relevant individualized degree across colleges) proposal to the college:

Attend an information/orientation session with the appropriate individualized degree advising office.

Meet with the Director of Dance to discuss areas of interest and concentration in dance. The Director of Dance must sign off on an initial proposed list of 3xxx or 5xxx level courses BEFORE the individualized degree proposal is submitted to the college.

An audition with minimum placement level results may be required before the initial individualized degree proposal is approved by the Director of Dance. 

Find more information on individualized degree programs.

Dance majors are strongly encouraged to utilize advising resources in the College of Liberal Arts. College advising is available to answer questions related to liberal education requirements, graduation planning, registration issues including petitions, and other non-dance related advising questions.