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Dance coursework fosters an intensive creative process, offers extensive technical training and performing experience, and promotes rigorous intellectual practices.

Spring 2019

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
DNCE 1001Modern/Contemporary Dance Technique 1Sections [1]
DNCE 1020Modern/Contemporary Dance Technique 4Sections [2]
DNCE 1040Modern Dance Partnering TechniqueSections [1]
DNCE 1102Ballet Technique 2Sections [1]
DNCE 1120Ballet Technique 4Sections [1]
DNCE 1202Jazz Technique 2Sections [1]
DNCE 1220Jazz Technique 4Sections [1]
DNCE 1302Tap Technique 2Sections [1]
DNCE 1331YogaSections [2]
DNCE 1343Urban & Street Dance Forms 1: IntroductionSections [2]
DNCE 1345Alexander Technique for Movement ArtistsSections [1]
DNCE 1349Contact ImprovisationSections [1]
DNCE 1354African Diasporic Movement 4Sections [1]
DNCE 1401Introduction to DanceSections [1]
DNCE 3020Modern/Contemporary Dance Technique 6Sections [1]
DNCE 3120Ballet Technique 6Sections [2]
DNCE 3220Jazz Technique 6Sections [1]
DNCE 3302Tap Technique 4Sections [1]
DNCE 3402WDance History 2Sections [1]
DNCE 3433Articulate BodySections [1]
DNCE 3434Nutrition and Body Maintenance for Movement ArtistsSections [1]
DNCE 3601Dance Composition 1Sections [2]
DNCE 3622Dance Production IISections [1]
DNCE 3700PerformanceSections [1]
DNCE 3901Career Readiness in DanceSections [1]
DNCE 4601Dance Composition 3Sections [2]
DNCE 5020Modern/Contemporary Dance Technique 8Sections [1]
DNCE 5040Modern/Contemporary Dance Technique 10Sections [1]
DNCE 5120Ballet Technique 8Sections [1]
DNCE 5493Choreographing Social Justice: Staging "Equitable" Choreogra...Sections [1]
DNCE 5601Dance Composition 5Sections [1]
DNCE 5993Directed StudiesSections [1]

Fall 2019

There are no DNCE courses available for Fall 2019.
Please see for more info.