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Dance coursework fosters an intensive creative process, offers extensive technical training and performing experience, and promotes rigorous intellectual practices.

This June, the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance presents the two-week Global Body Dance Intensive (DNCE 3701, 2 credits). The intensive is taught by lecturer and dancer Michel Kouakou, director of the contemporary dance company Daara Dance. The intensive offers contemporary technique mixed with Afro fusion and live drumming by Guei Caph, a master drummer from west Africa. The workshop will emphasize a unique way for dancers to embrace a singular language while anticipating the flow of their movement.

Spring 2018

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
DNCE 1001Modern Dance Technique 1Sections [1]
DNCE 1020Modern Dance Technique 4Sections [1]
DNCE 1102Ballet Technique 2Sections [1]
DNCE 1120Ballet Technique 4Sections [1]
DNCE 1202Jazz Technique 2Sections [1]
DNCE 1220Jazz Technique 4Sections [1]
DNCE 1331YogaSections [2]
DNCE 1343Hip Hop MovementSections [2]
DNCE 1345Alexander Technique for Movement ArtistsSections [1]
DNCE 1349Contact ImprovisationSections [1]
DNCE 1354African Diasporic Movement 4Sections [1]
DNCE 1401Introduction to DanceSections [1]
DNCE 3020Modern Dance Technique 6Sections [1]
DNCE 3120Ballet Technique 6Sections [2]
DNCE 3220Jazz Technique 6Sections [1]
DNCE 3302Tap Technique 4Sections [1]
DNCE 3402WDance History 2Sections [1]
DNCE 3433Articulate BodySections [1]
DNCE 3434Nutrition and Body Maintenance for Movement ArtistsSections [1]
DNCE 3500Topics in DanceSections [1]
DNCE 3601Dance Composition 1Sections [2]
DNCE 3622Dance Production IISections [1]
DNCE 3700PerformanceSections [1]
DNCE 3901Survival Strategies in DanceSections [1]
DNCE 4601Dance Composition 3Sections [2]
DNCE 5020Modern Dance Technique 8Sections [1]
DNCE 5040Modern Dance Technique Level 10Sections [1]
DNCE 5120Ballet Technique 8Sections [1]
DNCE 5493Choreographing Social Justice: Staging "Equitable" Choreogra...Sections [1]
DNCE 5601Dance Composition 5Sections [1]
DNCE 5993Directed StudiesSections [1]

Fall 2018

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
DNCE 1001Modern/Contemporary Dance Technique 1Sections [1]
DNCE 1010Modern/Contemporary Dance Technique 3Sections [2]
DNCE 1101Ballet Technique 1Sections [1]
DNCE 1110Ballet Technique 3Sections [1]
DNCE 1201Jazz Technique 1Sections [1]
DNCE 1210Jazz Technique 3Sections [1]
DNCE 1301Tap Technique 1Sections [1]
DNCE 1313African Based MovementSections [1]
DNCE 1327Argentine TangoSections [2]
DNCE 1331YogaSections [3]
DNCE 1335T'ai Chi Ch'uanSections [1]
DNCE 1343Urban & Street Dance Forms 1: IntroductionSections [1]
DNCE 1353African Diasporic Movement 3Sections [1]
DNCE 1401Introduction to DanceSections [2]
DNCE 1601Dance ImprovisationSections [1]
DNCE 1626Music for DanceSections [1]
DNCE 3010Modern/Contemporary Dance Technique 5Sections [1]
DNCE 3110Ballet Technique 5Sections [2]
DNCE 3210Jazz Technique 5Sections [1]
DNCE 3301Tap Technique 3Sections [1]
DNCE 3334Introduction to Dance/Movement TherapySections [1]
DNCE 3337Body Mind CenteringSections [1]
DNCE 3401WDance History 1Sections [1]
DNCE 3487WDance and Citizenship: Land, Migration, and DiasporaSections [1]
DNCE 3602Dance Composition 2Sections [2]
DNCE 3621Dance Production ISections [1]
DNCE 4443Theorizing Dancing BodiesSections [1]
DNCE 4602Dance Composition 4Sections [1]
DNCE 4901Capstone Seminar for DanceSections [1]
DNCE 5010Modern/Contemporary Dance Technique 7Sections [1]
DNCE 5030Modern/Contemporary Dance Technique 9Sections [1]
DNCE 5110Ballet Technique 7Sections [1]
DNCE 5334Introduction to Dance/Movement TherapySections [1]
DNCE 5443Theorizing Dancing BodiesSections [1]
DNCE 5700PerformanceSections [1]
DNCE 5858Dance PedagogySections [1]
DNCE 5993Directed StudiesSections [1]