Practicum Requirements

The practicum experience for TH 3100 was devised several years ago at the request of students who wanted more hands-on experience with mainstage productions. The practicum requirements are understood to be educational, serving students by offering training overseen by professionals in the field. At the same time, it offers students the opportunity to become part of a producing team, allowing a department that has not had any increases to its production budget for 20 years to continue to operate. While the focus of practicums has been on our mainstage season, TH 4380 has been accepted as a way for students to receive credit for one performance practicum due to an emphasis in the BA program on collaboration and devised performance.

Students must receive credit for four practicums. Up to two of these may be performance related. For the mainstage season, students must register for TH 3100, attend the first class meeting (the first week of the semester), and fill out a schedule form and preferences that allows the instructional staff to place all students. Please bear in mind that this staff must balance a huge variety of competing schedules, desires, and needs. They are working to construct a distribution of educational labor and thus can't accommodate every individual request.

Other Practicum Opportunities

Outside Practicum

In the rare circumstance when a student feels that they have an opportunity for a production experience that is not available to them in the department, students may petition for one (and only one) outside practicum. That petition must be made in the semester before or within the first two weeks of the semester in which the experience occurs. Students must fill out a petition form (available from the DUS) with narrative rationale and the student must secure an advisor who determines how to guide and assess their experience. The student must also register for one credit of TH 3993 Directed Study, filling out a contract with the secured advisor. Forms are available from the theatre office (580 Rarig) by Katie Willer’s desk. Please note that requests for outside practicums after the first two weeks of the semester will generally not be accommodated. Also, please note that students who have successfully petitioned for an outside practicum should register for TH 3993, not TH 3100. The Director of Undergraduate Studies will ensure that the student's CLA advisor has the information to count the outside practicum/directed study towards one of the required TH 3100 credits.