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BA in Theatre Arts

A Midsummer Night's Dream Production Photo

A Midsummer Night's Dream Production Photo
A Midsummer Night's Dream (2018) Photo by Dan Norman

Through programs in design/technology, performance, and history/literature, the BA in Theatre Arts explores the process of theatrical creation. Each program invites students to develop and articulate creative choices and think critically about their consequences through a variety of techniques. These include close textual analysis, historical contextualization, physical approaches to performance, and collaborative creation. With its many ties to the performing arts community of the Twin Cities, the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance also offers the opportunity to couple classroom learning with practical experience.

The BA in Theatre Arts Offers the Following 5 Tracks


Explores theater as a space of historical and contemporary meaning-making. Students learn to think critically and creatively about theatrical representation through classes that include performance creation, design/technology, and history/literature. Techniques of theatrical encounter include textual analysis, historical inquiry, physical approaches to performance, and collaborative creation.

The following tracks are higher credit degree programs that enable more specific focus

Performance Creation

The Performance Creation Program inside the BA in Theatre Arts is designed to stimulate the intellectual and creative ideas of students interested in using performance as a space in which to actively theorize with both mind and body. The program seeks to foster unique artistic visions, courageous risk-taking, a sense of communal responsibility, and a passion for theatre's past, present, and future. The program offers five curricular paths: acting, directing, music theatre, object theatre and playwriting. Led by a faculty of working professional artists, the program is committed to giving students opportunities to learn through active practice and learning by doing.

Design & Technology

We provide a basic understanding of all design areas and their integration, individually and collectively, into the collaborative process. Design areas include scenery and properties, costumes, lighting, and audio and media. In addition, we offer training in a variety of stage technologies.


Focus in theater history and literature invites students to ethically engage in questions of what is passed down to us, how theatrical stories get told, and what it means for bodies to move through public spaces. Courses include theater history, dramatic literature, text and performance, blacks in american theater, and topics courses.

Social Justice

Students take courses within and outside of Theatre Arts & Dance that focus on the intersection of social justice and performance. Courses include performance and social change, dance and citizenship, a semester-long internship through HECUA's Art for Social Change program, and theatre activities in education.

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