Undergraduate Theatre Arts Courses

A-F/S-N Grading

TH 3100 and TH 4901 are offered S-N only. Majors may take only one additional theatre course S-N. All other coursework completed towards fulfillment of the BA degree must be taken on an A-F grading basis. All majors must hold a minimum of a 2.5 GPA within theatre arts coursework.

Theatre Courses Outside the Major

Many departments provide theatre-related coursework that may be of interest to theatre arts majors and minors (Ex. ENGL often offers courses like: American Drama by Writers of Color, and Asian American Literature and Drama. Occasionally, SPAN offers Contemporary Latino and Latin American Drama Written in English. These are only a handful of theatre-related courses that can be found in other departments.)

Some of these courses will likely count as upper-division electives outside of the major—and in some instances, they may be used to count as upper-division electives toward the major in theatre arts. Be sure to check the OneStop course schedule for information about courses not offered in the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance.