IDP Proposal

To graduate with an individualized degree program, you must write a program proposal and have your proposal and program approved. This proposal is a written statement (typically 5-6 pages) explaining your academic goals and a list of proposed courses.

Developing Your Proposal

Please consult the following links to assist you with developing your program proposal.

Course Worksheet (If you are unable to open this document, contact the IDP office.)
BIS/IDIM Proposal Outline
Tips for Writing a Successful BIS/IDIM Statement
BIS Worksheet
IDIM Worksheet

When Should You Begin Writing Your Statement?

You should start working on a draft soon after having discussed with a BIS/IDIM advisor about your course list, concentration areas, and possible theme. Plan to show a draft of your statement well before the application deadline. You should expect to write about more than one draft before your program proposal is ready for formal submission. Proposals for the individually designed interdepartmental major (IDIM), in particular, require several drafts in order for students to clarify their theme and the interrelatedness of their courses.  Students who have a BIS/IDIM advisor review their proposal drafts have much more success in having their proposal approved.