IDP Requirements

The Bachelor of Individualized Studies (BIS)

The Bachelor of Individualized Studies (BIS) is an alternative degree program that provides certain types of flexibility not available in BA and BS programs. Rather than completing a major within a single field, your coursework is focused on three areas of concentration. You may choose an area for which you take classes from another University of Minnesota-Twin Cities college (for example, the College of Biological Sciences). These areas do not have to be related to each other, but your BIS program proposal must include an explanation of your overall educational goals. Learn more about the BIS.

Program Requirements

  • 3 areas of concentration; 1 may be non-CLA
  • 50 semester credits minimum (all at 3/4/5xxx level; 1/2xxx level courses are not counted in BIS program)
  • 15 semester credits 3/4/5xxx level minimum per area
  • 21 semester credits maximum non-CLA
  • analytic paper requirement

Individually Designed Interdepartmental Major (IDIM)

The Individually Designed Interdepartmental Major (IDIM) program enables you to fulfill the major program requirements for a bachelor of arts degree (BA) by completing an interdepartmental program of coursework focused on a theme that you choose. You design your program in consultation with faculty and staff advisers. IDIM programs consist of three or four areas of concentration. Your major will need a strong thematic unity and coherence. Learn more about the IDIM. 

Program Requirements

  • 3 or 4 CLA areas with a unifying thematic focus
  • 50 semester credits minimum
  • 40 semester credit minimum 3/4/5xxx level
  • 11 semester credits 3/4/5xxx level minimum per area
  • Senior Project (minimum 2 credits directed study)

Concentration Requirements

Both the BIS and IDIM may be departmental or interdepartmental. Interdepartmental areas allow you to combine courses from various departments around a specific topic or theme.

Other Requirements

  • All UMTC liberal education requirements and all CLA degree requirements, including the second language requirement, are required for a BIS degree or IDIM major.
  • BIS/IDIM students do not have to fulfill the 18 upper-level credits outside the major requirement.
  • All coursework applied towards a BIS program or IDIM major must be graded A/F with a minimum grade of C-.
  • 12 credits maximum in directed study coursework may be applied to the program.

*You must submit a BIS or IDIM proposal no later than one semester before the semester you expect to graduate. Exceptions will be made only with the approval of the IDP office.