BIS in Individualized Studies

The bachelor of individualized studies (BIS) is a degree program in which you combine three areas of concentration rather than have a major. One concentration may be from another University of Minnesota college (non-College of Liberal Arts), and the concentrations may be unrelated to each other.

Working closely with a BIS advisor, students develop a written proposal and course list. The proposal must be approved by a committee and three faculty or department advisors with expertise in the areas of concentration. Some departments and colleges have prerequisite or required courses for concentrations based in those departments and colleges in their BIS program.

For certain concentrations, prerequisite courses must be completed before submitting a program proposal. For certain concentrations, a minimum overall GPA or a minimum tool course GPA is required before a student can submit a program proposal.

Students can declare the degree after attending an information session (held two to three times a week) and preparing a preliminary course list. Students are not approved for the degree until they have submitted a program proposal (the submission deadline is once per semester) and the proposal has been approved by a committee and faculty or department advisors.