Pledge to Prioritize: The Mental Health Initiative

We, the CLA Student Board, are currently working on a mental health initiative dedicated to destigmatizing, prioritizing, and promoting resources surrounding mental health. Our ultimate goal is to highlight and promote the importance of making mental health and wellness a priority in the lives of the College of Liberal Arts community.
We believe that this is an action-oriented initiative that will continue the conversation and inspire action by bringing all the key players in the area of mental health together. This initiative is a call to action to students, faculty and administrators to come together to discuss our visions, ideas and goals in order to take the next step toward mental well-being. Join our movement by taking the pledge here and pledge to prioritize your mental health! Taking this pledge identifies you as a leader and ally for mental health advocacy for yourself and your community. Together, let's pledge to prioritize.


Join our movement now, and take your pledge to prioritize mental health