Academic Policies

There are a variety of academic requirements and policies to be aware of as a student in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA). Detailed information about policies impacting all University of Minnesota students is available in the University Policy Library. More general information applicable to CLA students is provided below.

CLA Degree Types and Requirements

Most CLA students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree.  However, CLA also offers Bachelor of Music (BMus), Bachelor of Science (BS), Bachelor of Individualized Studies (BIS), and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). The degree you receive will be determined by the major program you choose to follow.

Requirements for a CLA degree vary slightly depending on the program you choose to follow. All students are required to complete liberal education requirements as the basis of their degree program. All BA and BIS degrees, regardless of major, require students to complete CLA's second language requirement.

You will work with your advisors to choose a major program that fits your interests, your academic goals, and your long-term professional goals.

Academic Progress

A minimum 2.0 GPA is required in your University of Minnesota coursework overall. Each semester, the college publicly recognizes superior academic performance through the Dean's List. If your cumulative or term GPA falls below a 2.0, you will be placed on academic probation based on university policy, and are encouraged to review and address questions about CLA’s probation practices with your assigned CLA advisor.

You need to take an average of 15 credits each semester (and a minimum of 13 credits per term) to graduate in four years.

Graduating With Distinction or With Honors

Students who complete at least 60 semester credits at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities campus may graduate with distinction, if their cumulative GPA is 3.75 or higher, or with high distinction, if their cumulative GPA is 3.90 or higher. Students interested in graduating with Latin honors - Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Summa Cum Laude - must participate in the University Honors Program.