Real-World Experience

The Department of Writing Studies offers you a wide variety of opportunities to work with professors outside the classroom, obtain real world experience, and become a more engaged, well-rounded member of the community. Below are just a few of the ways that you can become involved with work outside of your studies at the University:

  • Internships
    • Internships give you the opportunity to contribute to the success of a business or organization while gaining hands-on experience to supplement your education.
  • World Usability Day
    • Every year, the Department of Writing Studies sponsors on-campus World Usability Day programming. The event aims to raise awareness about the benefits of usability engineering and user-centered design. Panel discussions and presentations are centered around the year's theme. Themes have included Healthcare (2013), Innovation (2015) and Inclusion (2017).
  • Undergraduate Research
    • You can gain valuable research experience as undergraduates by participating in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).
  • Technical Communication Advisory Board
    • The Technical Communication Advisory Board is a group of business leaders who provide pathways to experiential learning opportunities for students. Opportunities can include networking, mentoring, internships, and case competitions. Current undergraduate and graduate students in technical communication are invited to connect with the board through the department's LinkedIn Group.