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Writing studies offers undergraduate courses in areas such as technical and professional writing, editing, usability, and rhetorical and communication theory, as well as advanced writing courses in genres such as healthcare, business, science, and law. Our class sizes are small and many of our courses also fulfill the University’s liberal education and/or writing intensive requirements.

Spring 2020

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
WRIT 1301University WritingSections [72]
WRIT 1401Writing and Academic InquirySections [6]
WRIT 3001Introduction to Technical Writing and CommunicationSections [1]
WRIT 3029WBusiness and Professional WritingSections [2]
WRIT 3101WWriting ArgumentsSections [1]
WRIT 3102WPublic WritingSections [1]
WRIT 3152WWriting on Issues of Science and TechnologySections [1]
WRIT 3221WCommunication Modes and MethodsSections [1]
WRIT 3244WCritical Literacies: How Words Change the WorldSections [1]
WRIT 3257Technical and Professional PresentationsSections [1]
WRIT 3291Technical Communication Certificate Capstone ProjectSections [1]
WRIT 3315Writing on Issues of Land and the EnvironmentSections [1]
WRIT 3405WHumanistic Healthcare and CommunicationSections [1]
WRIT 3441Editing, Critique, and StyleSections [1]
WRIT 3562WTechnical and Professional WritingSections [22]
WRIT 3577WRhetoric, Technology, and the InternetSections [2]
WRIT 3671Visual Rhetoric and Document DesignSections [1]
WRIT 3672WProject Design and DevelopmentSections [1]
WRIT 3701WRhetorical Theory for Writing StudiesSections [1]
WRIT 3896Internship in Technical Writing and CommunicationSections [1]
WRIT 3993Directed StudySections [1]
WRIT 4501Usability and Human Factors in Technical CommunicationSections [1]
WRIT 4562International Professional CommunicationSections [1]
WRIT 4664WScience, Medical, and Health WritingSections [1]
WRIT 4995Technical Writing and Communication CapstoneSections [4]

Fall 2020

There are no WRIT courses available for Fall 2020.
Please see for more info.